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If I've randomly added you, I'm interested in one of your items for my collection.

If you are randomly adding me, please send a trade offer with a message (even if it's a nonsense trade offer). If I can't figure out why you're adding me, I will ignore the add.
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My Backpack Classifieds [backpack.tf]
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Adding Me
If you're planning to add me, it's unlikely that I will accept the request without a trade indicating why you're adding me. If you're adding to ask about an item in my backpack, if I don't explicitly have it listed for sale somewhere, I'm probably not going to sell it to you.
:orwell_check: = Item in my collection
:right_line: = Item in my collection, but could be upgraded
:xvrx: = Item missing from my collection
:emofdr: = Completed collection

Strange Uniques
I currently own 63 different weapons. I will buy any weapon I don't own already

Spelled Weapons
:emofdr: Unique w/o Strange Variant
:emofdr: Vintage
:emofdr: Genuine
:emofdr: Strange Non-Invasion
:emofdr: Strange Festive
:emofdr: Strange Collector's
:emofdr: Botkiller
:emofdr: Australium
:emofdr: Collector's Festive
:emofdr: Collector's w/o Strange Variant

Legacy Painted Items
:emofdr: Strange
:emofdr: Genuine
:emofdr: Vintage Non-glitched
:orwell_check: Vintage Bill's Hat
:xvrx: Vintage Alien Swarm Parasite

:orwell_check: Ghastlierest Gibus
:orwell_check: Ellis' Cap
:orwell_check: Voodoo Juju
:orwell_check: Spine-Chilling Skull
:orwell_check: Horrific Headsplitter
:orwell_check: Dr's Dapper Topper
:orwell_check: Alien Swarm Parasite
:orwell_check: Bill's Hat
:orwell_check: Max's Severed Head
:orwell_check: Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect
:orwell_check: The Superfan
:orwell_check: The Essential Accessories
:orwell_check: Flipped Trilby
:orwell_check: Bombing Run
:xvrx: Hero's Hachimaki
:orwell_check: Defiant Spartan
:orwell_check: Stout Shako
:orwell_check: Honcho's Headgear
:right_line: Furious ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (Uncraftable)
:orwell_check: Exquisite Rack
:orwell_check: Pyromancer's Mask
:orwell_check: Old Guadalajara
:orwell_check: Napper's Respite
:orwell_check: Hottie's Hoodie
:orwell_check: Madame Dixie
:orwell_check: Handyman's Handle (Unusual)
:orwell_check: Reggaelator
:orwell_check: Carouser's Capotain
:orwell_check: Rimmed Raincatcher
:orwell_check: Prince Tavish's Crown
:orwell_check: Sober Stuntman
:orwell_check: Dealer's Visor
:orwell_check: Large Luchadore
:orwell_check: Pugilist's Protector
:orwell_check: Hard Counter
:orwell_check: Coupe D'isaster (Unusual)
:orwell_check: Googly Gazer
:orwell_check: Big Country
:orwell_check: Buckaroo's Hat
:orwell_check: Ol' Geezer
:orwell_check: Professor's Peculiarity
:orwell_check: Blighted Beak
:orwell_check: German Gonzila
:orwell_check: Medic's Mountain Cap
:orwell_check: Crocleather Slouch
:orwell_check: Villain's Veil
:orwell_check: Détective Noir
:orwell_check: Charmer's Chapeau

Painted Unpaintable
:emofdr: Haunted Halloween Items
:orwell_check: Lucky Shot
:orwell_check: #59 Pencil Pusher
:orwell_check: Orbiting Fire Pencil Pusher
:orwell_check: Pencil Pusher (Voices from Below)
:xvrx: Cow Mangler 5000

Crafted Uncraftable
:orwell_check: Manniversary Paper Hat
:orwell_check: Shooting Star
:orwell_check: Giger Counter
:orwell_check: Black Rose
:orwell_check: Enthusiast's Timepiece
:xvrx: Iron Curtain

:orwell_check: Universal Specialized Kit Fabricator
:orwell_check: Universal Professional Kit Fabricator
:orwell_check: Universal Specialized Kit
:orwell_check: Universal Professional Kit
:xvrx: Universal Sheenless Specialized Kit
:xvrx: Universal Sheenless Professional Kit (Effectless)
:orwell_check: Sheenless Specialized
:orwell_check: Sheenless Specialized Kit
:emofdr: Sheenless Professional (Effectless + all 7 effects)
:orwell_check: Sheenless Professional Kit (Effectless)
:orwell_check: Specialized Tier with Effect

Strange Parts
:orwell_check: Big Earner (Long-Distance Kills)
:orwell_check: Mantreads (Tanks Destroyed)
:orwell_check: Flying Guillotine (Buildings Destroyed)

Non-counting Stranges
:orwell_check: Battery Canteens
:orwell_check: Human Cannonball
:orwell_check: Market Gardener
:orwell_check: Festive Rocket Launcher
:orwell_check: Quick-Fix
:orwell_check: Southern Hospitality
:orwell_check: Huntsman

:emofdr: Strangifiable Weapons
:orwell_check: Level 5 Crafted Quick-fix
:orwell_check: Level 3 Deus Specs
:orwell_check: Level 22 Genuine Quadwrangler
:orwell_check: Level 5 Genuine Noh Mercy
:orwell_check: Level 1 Strange Outback Intellectual
:orwell_check: Level 50 Vintage Lugermorph
:orwell_check: Level 12 Strange Shotgun
:orwell_check: Level 25 Strange Revolver
:xvrx: Holiday Headcase
:orwell_check: Level 99 B.M.O.C.
:orwell_check: Level 20 Ebenezer
:xvrx: Portable Smissmas Spirit Dispenser
:orwell_check: Level 94 Foster's Facade
:orwell_check: Level 94 Stockbroker's Scarf
:orwell_check: Level 3 Strange Part: Full Moon Kills
:orwell_check: Level 2 Market Gardener
:orwell_check: Level 2 Mantreads
:orwell_check: Level 3 Rocket Jumper

:emofdr: Clean Skulls
:emofdr: Red Attribute Missing (All paints & qualities)
:orwell_check: Glitched Upgrade to Premium
:orwell_check: Seriesless Mann Co. Supply Crate
:orwell_check: Numberless Gentle Mann's Service Medal
:orwell_check: Level 0 Normal Bat
:orwell_check: Normal Master's Yellow Belt
:orwell_check: Strange Normal Australium Grenade Launcher
:orwell_check: Clean Koto Noisemaker
:orwell_check: Unique Companion Cube Pin
:orwell_check: 72 Character Family Business Rename
:orwell_check: 79 Character Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II Rename
:orwell_check: Invalid Particle Burstchester

Past Collections
3/4 Spelled Strange Invasion Weapons (Batsaber, C.A.P.P.E.R., Shooting Star)
10 Level 0 Australium Weapons
Unique Diamond Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk. I
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Never for sale. Just more showcase space!
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Never for sale. Just more showcase space!
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Created by - HACK THE GIBSON
195 ratings
This guide is meant to help explain what glitched Strange Unique items in TF2 are, where they came from, what makes certain ones "dirty," and to share information on the relative rarity of different ones and roughly how many can be expected to be found in

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+rep, aint even play tf2 anymore but worth it lol
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+Rep, kind and quick trade.
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+rep, sold a glitched hat via paypal, I went first and he sent the cash immediately after and confirmed. A+ good stuff!
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Seems on the up and up. Paid 70 keys for one of my old items. No scams or shady stuff as far as I can tell.
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