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Created by - Sigoya
139 ratings
A startup guide to get through the apartment level quickly and efficiently. Includes the achievements and a words list to look for.
Q1. How did you get XXXX gameplay hours in 2 weeks?
A1. If you run multiple games at the SAME time and same machine, you will get credited for each game's spent time. Not rocket science.

Q2. Give me free stuff!
A2. No.

Q3. Trade with me!
A3. Send me a reasonable offer here. I only trade game gifts, spare trading cards, duplicate emoticons and backgrounds in my inventory. Trading is NOT charity and spammers will be blocked.

Q4. Add me!
A4. Random friend adds will be met with a block. Got a question? Post on the wall.

P.S. I am always looking to get games or DLCs off my wishlist. Send offers!
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21 Hours played
The Path is an interactive experience that strides the line between a game and an artistic exposition. The setting is a journey to your grandmother's house by 6 young girls who are told to "follow the path" while the endless forest on the sides taunts you in. Each female protagonist, at different stages of puberty, get to explore and find specific objects and areas that trigger memories and thoughts while collecting 144 flowers.

The entire exploration experience is a premise to encounter a unique metaphoric wolf or demon, that transforms the girls and throws them at gates of the fabled grandma's house, where a nightmarish sequence seals each chapter. From a narrative perspective, the experience builds upon your personal interpretation of each encounter and memory, and it is deciphered in your own mind rather than being explicit and direct. The atmosphere is tense but lacks the immediate feel of dread, while using music and sound effects to control the experience. If you run for too long, the gathering flowers disappear and the music becomes intense and foreboding, and if you arrive at set piece your are forced to walk, and so forth.

The graphics are serviceable, with unique character designs and attention to minor details; a good example is the receding city scape in the opening, or how the the path disappears once you delve deeper into the forest. Each character gets its own set of animation for all movements and interactions, and the music albeit repetitive, does contribute to the atmosphere giving hints to special encounters and sets.

The Path does require a personal emotional investment, something that many will forfeit. If you are willing to go through it, do not expect a satisfying resolution or an ending, as the journey is the game, there are no achievements or victories once the girls' paths are explored. 3/5
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Apokalypsos | St. Helens Base
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Hajo Sep 17 @ 2:16am 
Have a good time and enjoy it :rflower:.
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Hope you have a great weekend!
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Hey there, I've added you to discuss about a trade for a game that you have.
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Simply adding a fellow collector to my recently expanded Steam friends list.
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