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Control is a VERY good video game. The story is intriguing, the visuals and aesthetics are incredibly polished, sound design and music is stellar, combat is fun and varied. There's also a bunch of optional stuff to mix things up and to play through after completing the main story.

However, the Standard Edition launch was completely botched. DX11 support was just completely dropped, leaving the game unplayable for a bunch of customers, the game name for everyone is "Control Ultimate Edition", etc. Unless you're planning on getting the Ultimate Edition right off the bat, if you don't have a 100% DX12 compliant GPU, I'd put off on buying the game for PC until these issues are dealt with, since if 505 Games drops the ball here and they never actually get addressed, you'll have a game you can't play without a hardware upgrade.

If you're in a hurry and own a PS4, PS5, XBone or Switch, just get it for anything other than PC, honestly.
Posted March 5.
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Actual game size is 42MB, 39MB of which is the background music, the only sound the game has (that didn't play on my system for whatever reason) as an uncompressed WAV file.
So basically a the actual game is really 4MB. The download is 880MB, however, because the dev has included the Git SCM metadata, and cached precompiled headers from Visual Studio in the game distribution for no reason. Not off to a great start.

The game has one level (hardcoded into the game's executable as a string of #'s and .'s, a lot of interesting implementation choices here), two enemies, one weapon and a single floor and wall texture. Most of the graphics are taken wholesale from id Software's classic Wolfenstein 3D; some are used as-is, like the submachine gun sprite in the HUD, some are painted on, like one of the enemy sprites. The other enemy is a badly cut-out picture of Winnie the Pooh (Copyright Disney), with Xi Jinping's face pasted on and a red sicle clipart overlaid (named zi.png instead of the more logical xi.png, for no apparent reason). The gun sprite looks like it's a squashed version of Doomguy's hand from the original Doom with the pistol painted over, but due to how the gun is rendered in game (as single pixel height slices), I didn't feel like verifying this.

There's a weird console-style "menu" for the game, where you can either start the game or see the name of the person who made it. This is all the "UI" the game has.
If you die, the game exits to desktop, and you need to relaunch it. If you win, you'll get a message saying "WORLD SAVED" (I didn't play enough to win, found this out by disassembling the main binary, out of interest).

This seems like someone's CS 101 project, I don't know why it's on Steam.
Posted February 6.
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Thing is, before the 1.0 release, I would've 100% recommended the game, but right now I'd say wait to see if/how the devs address the multitude of issues introduced when going gold. I genuinely can't believe this is the state of the 1.0 release. Don't think I'll be playing until there's either an option to revert to the early access version or a MAJOR bug fix.
Posted July 28, 2020.
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Easily one of the ugliest and jankiest AAA games of not only 2019, but maybe of all time.
If you're on the fence, just check any positive reviews this PoS has on Steam, they're all along the lines of "well it doesn't crash after every match anymore, 10/10".

The animations look like someone working their way through a Unity tutorial. The CGI portraits all look like the person who rendered them accidentally used an orthographic camera projection. The physics are hilariously bad; you *will* see wrestlers and objects escape Earths gravity if you play for any significant amount of time and any attire physics on the characters is hilariously unstable.

The story in the single player campaign is unbelievably dumb, and keeps getting dumber the further in you get. There are loading screens EVERYWHERE. Sometimes you wait for a scene to load, and it's the two main characters in a car with your only option being "continue story", leading to yet another loading screen.

All in all, I got this for 80% off and feel ripped off. If 2K had released the same game again since 2016, every entry would've been better than what they actually put out, which is saying something since WWE 2K17 is a pretty damn bad game, too. How long will 2K continue holding the license when they're clearly INCAPABLE of both making even a halfway decent wrestling game AND improving in any way?
Posted July 23, 2020. Last edited July 23, 2020.
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A fun arcade romp somewhat stymied by a weird control-scheme and some design decisions related to the mechanics, but not enough to ruin the game.

Once you get the hang of the physics and controls, and wrap your head around the mechanics, Space Climber is a fun and challenging but fair arcade game with awesome music and that arcade hook that keeps you coming back.
I'd love to see some genuine achievements (the ones the game has now are sort of... nonsensical) and it'd certainly be better with some work done on the physics and resource mechanics, but it's a solid game with fun co-op multiplayer.

If you're on the fence, check the demo.
Posted January 4, 2020.
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It's Mega Man. Do you like Mega Man? You'll probably like this. Hate Mega Man? Probably won't dig this Mega Man either.
I'd say if you haven't played Mega Man before, you could do worse than start with Mega Man 11, I guess.

It's not the best game in the series, but it's far from the worst, bosses are mostly fun, music is awesome, graphics are cute and detailed, but still legible. The gear mechanics are a nice addition. Story is standard fare for the series, i.e. skippable but not horribad.
There's some replayability beyond the difficulty settings in the challenge mode (and some rather fun achievements), but if you're not a completionist, don't expect more than a few hours of fresh content. It's quality content, though, so it's worth the asking price. If you're on the fence or not familiar with the franchise, get it on sale maybe?
Posted November 21, 2019.
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Nice visuals, great game design, tight controls and awesome music.

ABSOLUTELY RUINED by stupid, annoying quirks, especially the fact that bullets just pass through enemies if you're "too close" to them. And "too close" can be anywhere from "right next to an enemy" to "a full player character-width away", which is incredibly frustrating, to the point I don't want to play the game.
Also for a game where if you get hit, you often want to throw the run, the delay and/or load-time for resetting a game gets annoying real quick.
Posted February 5, 2019. Last edited April 14, 2019.
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Short and sweet. Would love to see some kind of semi-randomly generated arcadey thing added as a DLC or something, but as-is it's a nice concise experience, well worth the price.

Fun, fast-paced first-person-shooting action; kick down doors, shoot enemies, interact with other objectives, jump off the building when you're done. Simple but to the point and fun.
The visual style is nice and stylish, and works well with the theme of the game.

The only big objection I can think of is that all three boss-fights weren't nearly as fun as the rest of the game and felt "forced".

All in all High Hell is a fun few hours with some replayability with a dope soundtrack and cool visuals, for the price of a cafeteria lunch.
Posted February 5, 2019.
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Early Access Review
Finding a game takes forever, then the game is empty. Queued for 15 minutes, played a game with half a dozen people.
I feel there need to be a looooot more players for this game to be fun.
Actual gameplay is okayish. A lot of things feel a bit off, but my biggest gripe is that aiming feels off and shooting delayed.

Has a ton of potential, but it's sadly not being realized.
Posted January 24, 2019.
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One of the most beautiful games I've ever played, and an awesome exercise in visual storytelling. Incredible experience overall and easily worth it.

If the trailer has you at all interested, just pull the trigger. For me, it was everything the trailer made me hope it would be, and the ending felt incredibly satisfying. Finished it in one sitting, as I just couldn't put it down!
Posted December 18, 2018.
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