August "Gus" Loolam   Glen Cove, New York, United States
h0i!!! I like spiders.
If your interested in hiring me, heres a portfolio. [augustloolam.com]
Don't add me without commenting first plz.

I only accept paid commissions :3
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1:11 AM - Callegos-Y: the ocelot is melting
1:12 AM - Rantis: liquid ocelot
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This is an introduction to the Portal 2 IFM, a build of SFM made specifically for portal 2.
Green Sep 20 @ 3:38pm 
Can we have new Sonic playermodels?

and if you do can you send a link?
Pastelle Aug 28 @ 1:31am 
Its Roseee ^^ <3
Rock Lou Aug 28 @ 12:33am 
Hello! I'd like to commission (for pay) rigs for 2 models. I reckon it's really easy but I can't get it to work myself. >.< It'd be awesome if you could help me out.
Rantis Jul 28 @ 7:41pm 
The Marxman Jul 17 @ 1:02pm 
Hi, I just really want to say thank you so much for the Sonic player model pack, that was my childhood.
I've kept this image since 2013 and I'll never forget such an amazing mod.
Thank you so much!
Kotor_mλster Jul 16 @ 9:22am