Master in US Army left-wing terrorist leadership course   Hong Kong
The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones
My discord server(?) [discord.gg]

From the lighting and the tempest; our Emperor, deliver us.




The world is stained with sins and kegare but worth fighting for.


Anyway, 保持一定距離,我想我們可以成為朋友
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muse gal
Welcome to Stygies VIII

Link to the port list of mine

Just your random university student.

Feel free to comment in the section below and be sure to leave the reasons why you add me. For questions regarding my workshop items, comment in either workshop page or my profile first.

RTS, RPG, FPS, TPS games are my type. I have Origin and Activision accounts as well.
加好友請盡量留言原因(除非我們已經見過很多次了), thx:fengxi:

Mutual friends' existences will be seen as one of the major factors of acceptance.

I'm able to speak/read Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English and Español(forgot a lot)
我可以看懂/說:中文,廣東話/廣東白話,繁/簡中文,英語(I'm US based),西語:fengyi:

I love being invisible on Steam simply due to I hate random game invitations or potential interruptions from any individual or entity.

請不要看見我在線就邀請我玩遊戲, 可能會讓我很煩並屏蔽甚至刪除好友,謝謝
何況, 更多時候我並不和你們在同一時區:skullgirl:

I do frequently (and randomly) remove friends. Normally I unfriends those who rarely talk and left no further impressions on me from both chats and in game activities, or the ones who sent friend invitation without explanations (which I weirdly accepted before). I always want to keep the amount of my friends limited within 250.

我很討厭無趣的玩笑; 不要因爲是熟人就越線,我的limit容易觸及

Other information:

Discord: seraphim#2012
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pYywEBY
Activision and Origin ngl I actually can't recall
I'm a miniature and scaled model hobbyist. My WH40K army is Astra Militarum(aka Imperial Guard). For Kingdom Death: Monster, Aya is my Waifu!

Twitter and Facebook you dig it up yourself :V

:skul:Like what I said, I don't accept friends without a request or can't tell the reasons.

:lunar2019grinningpig:You must meet at least one of the requirements here:

1. You need to have one mutual friend at least with me. :heartb:
2. I already knew who you are from somewhere. :heartp:
3. Fellow modders. :grheart:
4. Same areas of interests. :russtar:
5. The most important: leaving a reason on my profile.:nuker:
6(might be optional but could be taken). No VAC
Optional: With Steam level higher than 10 and the higher the better. :russtar:

I normally won't accept a friend invitation without commenting on my profile but if the requirements were met, it might be a go. :mommy:

We will forge order from the depths of Pacific, to the edge of galaxy! (cited from Stellaris)

I don't hate/discriminate against anyone or stand in opposition to any entity for an absurd reason.

Status: Maybe still alive when you see this.

My best friends?
Actually anyone could be, at least you respect me. Well, if you notice that I send you a friend request, probably is that you made a deep impression on me while gaming, or simply enough I think we can be friends though :v

Gaming not for a quarrel, also, please chat with me with discretion cuz generally I hate jokes.

An average university student. AFK sometimes.

Not a phycho.

Wanna fight for human rights at all costs, but now I’m still fighting for my Python programs, at all costs. lol

Giving you lads a M1A2 Abrams MBT, hope it won't smash your rooms. Free to take it here.

░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄██▄▄▄▄

Here goes the mandarin version


學Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts - Visual Arts於UCSD


玩milsim和reenactment, 原品; 1989-90s old school infantry; 2005ish UKSF;2000-2005 CAG;2010-2021 OCP和OEFCP多造型美佬,ODA,90s FCW俄羅斯軍隊,HKP CTRU和75th Ranger以及Pararescue

我玩Warhammer 40K以及Kingdom Death: Monster,純hobby但有時上桌


you can call me Saraphines(Seraphim, Seraphina or whatever, don't really mind)

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https://i.imgur.com/flGxWdG.gif Merry Christmas! Kept you waiting huh? Rangers Lead The Way! Models kitbashed, modified and ported by Seraphim In regard to repost or modify for own interests, contact Seraphim first. The super duper 75th Ranger Regiment pac
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https://i.imgur.com/flGxWdG.gif THIS IS THE PART 2! RAGDOLLS ONLY! NOT SWEPS! In the PART 2 pack, there are 39 more models. PART 2 HAS THE MATERIALS YOU NEED FOR PART 1. Be sure to subscribe! Item list for part 2: Broken limbs, exploded heads and gores fro
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Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon
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Jewish Crewmate from Betelgeuse
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Master in US Army left-wing terrorist leadership course
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在不 突然想和你聊聊
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