Alex   Ohio, United States
I am but a simple model person.
Discord if you need to contact me: alaxe

Please give a reason for addin' me in my comments or I will most likely decline your friend request

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Team Fortress 2
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☭Stribog☭ May 19 @ 12:43am 
Hello Alex, I add with a question (a request for help) to transfer the fbx format model to the sfm. Can you help me move her and see what's wrong with her skeleton?
Catdrgn Apr 14 @ 8:15pm 
Hi Alexe, I was wondering if you had some knowledge on modding flex animations for custom models in tf2, it's hard to find some good resources on the subject
BB Apr 11 @ 1:19pm 
I sent you a friend request on Discord. I want to ask about you about model I'd like you to fix
I am Dence Mar 30 @ 10:58pm 
Hi Alaxe can I add you on discord to ask about commissioning models for sfm?
danto Jan 15 @ 12:25pm 
hey - ya got some nice stuff - would ya be open to upgradin some of it for mine 1of1 sunbeams hallows hatte?
77 Jan 9 @ 2:03pm 
Added for a question