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josh. May 5, 2022 @ 1:50pm 
you're playing rocket league. ranked of course, you're no casual. you're losing the match 2-1..there's only 5 seconds left but you manage to get the ball in the opponent's corner. 2 seconds left. you manage to play the ball to the middle, but it's too close to the goalie. it looks like you're losing the MMR today. but what's this? you see a shining light, and it's moving. FAST. is it really him? it is. you see David Passelhoff in a full on Baywatch sprint toward the ball. surely he can't get there in time? 1 second left. The Hoff has reached full supersonic speed. the defender is flying out of net. by god, he's not going to make it time? you see the Hoff reach another level of supersonic speed. you've never seen such a beautiful, intoxicating sight in your life.0 seconds left. the defender realizes he's not getting there. The Hoff air rolls and places a perfect strike into the top right corner. DAVID PASSELHOFF HAS SCORED! greets your eyes on the screen.The Hoff has done it again.
z- Nov 9, 2009 @ 3:25pm