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always rember. ull nevber shine if u dond glow
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Hey there!
Please don't add me without reason. I am not interested in trade offers. Don't attempt scams, I'll waste your time. Comment below the reason of your friend request so I can help you out.

You can contact me quicker via scyscyscy at Discord.

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A true symphony of love and hatred.
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Updated Dark Willow guide from the most wicked Willow players himself. twitch.tv/scydota
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local shower shitter Jun 2 @ 6:43am 
okay I'll walk next to primal beast. haha, like how I'm going to be walking next to you? I'll stick to venomancer. haha, like how I'll stick with you til the end? when you attack I'll leash him. like how I did to you, right? haha!
local shower shitter Jun 2 @ 6:41am 
hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I wanted to tell you that :)) It's really rare to see femboys playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly I'm like really against sexism and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should play l4d2 sometime its a cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you ;) sorry that wasn't flirting I swear I'm just trying to be friendly I like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Sorry I'm shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look nice and fun xxx
local shower shitter Dec 28, 2023 @ 12:27pm 
wish we could⠀⢷⡀⠀ ⠈⣧
cuddle right now⠈⠳⣄⠀ ⠙⢷⣄

//last attempt
vannliljer Dec 2, 2023 @ 12:03pm 
where is my cookies :Bostanul:
local shower shitter Nov 25, 2023 @ 9:57am 
I got my 12 year old nephew Hollow knight for thanksgiving and tried to walk him through the first two stages and he just got frustrated and wouldn’t even read the amazing text lore and wanted to quit in greenpath and play a different game. I’m angry with him now because he doesn’t even appreciate one of the greatest games of all time. Should I hit him?
Nora Dec 9, 2022 @ 7:44am 
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I GIVE U CUCUMBER ENERGY (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

:os_niko: uwu :os_niko: