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I've been a Street Fighter enthusiast for almost two decades and the only Tekken I touched was Tekken 3 which I still have fond memories of although I never dug deep into Tekken gameplay at least until this one.

The Awesome
  • Very rich, deep, and satisfying gameplay. There's so many different mechanics and it's a neverending journey learning everything. Finally landing combos or winning clutch moments is so undescribly satisfying in this game.
  • The sickest characters from Capcom and SNK (Akuma and Geese Howard) are in there and they look and play so good. Namco did such an awesome job integrating them into the Tekken game.
  • The slow-mo moments. It might look like some superficial gimmick but really this small thing makes clutch moments get so exciting and makes this game even more enjoyable as a viewer in tournaments.

The Good
  • The Graphics. The game just looks good. There's a few minor issues with some characters looking too sweaty or having their hair messed up (looking at you Noctis) but this game is still satisfying to the eye and quite well optimized for PC.
  • The Sounds/Music. It's quite unbalanced however. A few stage themes are atrocious (Helipad at night) but the rest are alright, with a few ones being godlike (Howard Estate, Abandoned Temple...). Too bad the jukebox function is exclusive to the PS4 version.
  • The Roster. 38 characters in the base game is nothing to scoff at especially if you look at what's done by the other fighting games lately (yes, looking at you Capcom). Most of the iconic characters of the franchise are present and only a few guest characters are behind DLCs.
  • The Netcode. Playing online is most of the time a pleasant experience. This isn't GGPO or rollback-based netcode but since the input system is quite lenient and frames not as tight as a 2D fighter it's not difficult landing those combos online from 3/5 bars. The matchmaking is quick enough when it's working.

The Could have been better
  • The Stages. While the number and atmosphere of them is alright they lack creativity. Most are plain polygons with walls. Only one stage has floor breaks. The best stage (Howard estate) is locked behind a DLC. No footsteps in the snow stage...
  • Customization. While you can mix and match a ton of stupid items and costumes on the other side you can't change basic stuff like skin tone or haircuts.
  • The offline features. Arcade Mode is so short and pointless. Treasure mode is an annoying grind for customization items. More importantly they teach you nothing about playing the game (because of the incredibly dumb AI) so they're bad even for learning. The Training Mode is the only decent thing.

The Ugly
  • No tutorials of any kind. Fighting games are already hard enough but having zero tutorial or even just proper trials is a complete joke. The training mode is alright but doesn't teach you anything about the very complex mechanics of the game.
  • The (online) Loading Times. Why does it have to go all the way back to the versus screen if I rematch someone with the same characters and on the same stage?!! It's such a waste of time between matches and isn't needed as loading times in Treasure mode are insanely quicker as it does not go through the VS screen again.
  • The Story Mode. Seriously Fighting games should stop with Story Modes. It's cringey, makes no sense and doesn't teach you how to play. There's a few cool cutscenes but that's about it. Story modes are wasted resources they could put on tutorials instead. Or make a proper tutorial within the Story Mode then...
  • Very limited online features. No proper lobby system, no online training mode, NO REPLAYS OR MATCH HISTORY!!!. Basically you have ranked, unranked and tournament mode (that barely no one uses anyways) and that's your lot.

I have to admit the major reason I picked Tekken 7 at first was because of Akuma (my favorite SF character) being included in it (and also the fact it finally came on PC) especially since it took such a long time for him to finally come to Street Fighter V...

But since then I'm having a blast with Tekken 7 and not just with the guest characters. Sure, the game is far to be perfect and it took quite a long time for me to learn its mechanics but I've never been as joyful and thrilled to play each match.

So yeah, it's one of the best choices if you're looking for a solid fighting game, very fun online matches and if you're committed to learn by other means than what the game provides (so basically nothing), but if you are searching for offline content or expect this game to hold your hand then this will be a massive disappointment.
Suprev Jun 8 @ 10:37am 
"There's so many different mechanics" and only spams his fucking geese power crush and 16 games in a row with it
Suprev Jun 8 @ 10:35am 
Wanna spam some more power crush?
TinkiBoobiz May 17 @ 10:20am 
Ggs ! Mon pad se déconnectait tout l'temps, j'comprenais pas, lel
Filip :D May 15 @ 10:54am 
sorry didnt play
moon shard first item Aug 21, 2015 @ 5:43pm 
je recommande
rawit Aug 10, 2015 @ 12:33pm 
hy Scias clings, here .... greetings :-)