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I am frequently impersonated by scammers . Do not trust anyone that claims to be a middleman or vault account.
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I do not middleman. Watch out for scammers and impersonators.

This is my personal account. I do not provide support on Steam.
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ᵉᵖᶦᶜ⁧⁧aqwa Oct 22 @ 6:25am 
Hey I added you for a serious discussion, I'm Tryna help someone who recently got scammed and I have some things to ask you a about it. He got given a serial code and we need to know who it went to thanks 👍
Nekoyaki Sep 28 @ 6:38am 
hello sorry to disturb but you are tagged as one of the middleman in and there's another person who is the middleman as well "Know". and he claimed that you are there in my trade as the other middleman. Is this true or it;s a scam. thank you and have a nice day
sddst shrk >=[ Sep 23 @ 2:12am 
Yo sorry to bother I actually got an enquiry on your key-paypal bot for a personal project, would be much appreciated if you could accept my friend req thanks
schmed Aug 28 @ 6:15pm 
@EastLight Yo
EastLight Aug 11 @ 12:35am 
Schmed wru
schmed Nov 21, 2020 @ 2:45pm 
Please keep in mind that this is my personal Steam account. I do not handle any support issues for /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade on Steam. Use the support link below instead.

All profile comments are periodically deleted. Have a nice day!

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