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If you add me, please comment down below, AND SMASH THAT MF LIK-
Anyway, I'm just your average Scalie Shitposter xd
(who also plays a fuckton of tf2)
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oh my god he edited his info box
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Interests: TF2, SFM, Mashups, Modding (skins,model edits,ect), Dragons isn't that a shocker
Favorite Games: TF2, CSGO, PD2
Things I hate: Editing info boxes
why am i still typing things here

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if you add me please try to put a valid reason in the comments or yknow you could just shitpost. but anyway if you don't I'll ignore the request.


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dog haha May 25 @ 10:08pm 
We Don't Be Dabbing In 2012
dog haha May 25 @ 10:07pm 
yall ever just dab
The Heavy for Smash Ultimate Apr 20 @ 11:00am 
It's BAD to be gay!
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「Nighty」 Apr 17 @ 1:48pm 
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Boy do I love dog crap. Ever since I was a little boy, I fantasized about it. Watching my pet corgi lay his colorful, squishy taste-eggs out for me always had me sprinting, the alluring feat of feeling it slide on my mouth. I always showed my mom the accomplishment, too. She'd ask if I wanted tonight's dinner but I always told her larry had already laid me out a fresh cuisine. She always scolded me for it, saying how immature and gross it was to eat dog crap. I never listened to her, the aroma and feel captivated me too much to let it sulk into the ground. To her, it was useless crud to her. She couldn't understand the beauty and art ol' Larry would give us. I made sure to respect his art, I knew what he gave us was like renaissance art. Nothing mom ever made could compete with ol Larry's colorful, delicious cuisine.