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The scenery doesn’t change; on a faded afternoon
I’m lying in the deep indigo beneath the overpass
I hear a single clap for my blank-page life
I was singing about my own emptiness today, as usual

So things wouldn’t change,
I wrote a story starring you
In my notebook
My gas and water being cut off,
Society, and the news are all someone else’s problem
Look, my life is like ink

The dream I had when I was young
Gets closer to its expiration date as I get older

Though I just, I just look up at the clouds
As usual, they flow through my field of vision
In the distant night sky I looked up at, flowers swam
So many that it could be mistaken for spring
As if I’d just lost sight of you

I looked down so I wouldn’t trip
Life is made of nothing but compromises
I don’t believe in hearts or fate or love songs or life
After all, if you can’t sell something it has no value

I intentionally discarded the present I dreamed of,
And now I’m lying here waiting for
Its expiration date

Behind my eyelids, I just, I just saw
An imagined, distant vision of you
In my notebook, flowers swim in the corner of a faded night
One more is in my eye

Life is just one compromise after another
I learned that pretty fast
Elma, it’s you
You alone are my music

There are only eighty more characters in this song
Because maybe the only value of a life
Is in they way it ends

I just, I just picture you
As even the indigo filling my vision is blurred
In the distant sky I looked up at, flowers swam
Deep indigo covers my eyes

It’s just, it’s just…
In the distant sky I looked up at, you are cooling off
As if you were just swimming in the night
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Pardon 😍 me Madam 🍹, but 🍑 I 👁🖐 was curious 🙇 as to what you 👈 look 👀 like 💖 under 😀 those tasteful 🍴 fabrics 👠 you 👈 are wearing 👕. Perhaps 😍 you 👈🏼 would do me the honor 👑 of removing 🚫 them and photographing 🔭 your 👈 perfect 💯 skin 👨 so I 👁 can gaze 👀 upon 👦 your 👉 beauty 💇?