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Just someone who just plays games. Not the most friendly person lately, life being rough on me. Not accepting random friends unless you have friends related to what I have, maybe.
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Nothing much about me, read if you want.
Hello and welcome to my profile, I'm really nothing special. I occasionally can multi-task, other times, not at all. Been trying to play certain games more, but boredom has been striking me down often. Depression and anxiety, other times. Very stressed. Life has been really rough on me this year.

And if you have a friends-only profile or private, I am blocking/ignoring you out of precaution. Unless the profile happens to be also friends with someone I know, I will think about it. Out of the blue adds for the most part are an instant block.

Also, if you try to have bragging rights on a game I play to rub it on me, you are instantly removed and blocked and thrown any chances of being at least a friend. GOT THAT?

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Let's backtrack a little bit, one year or so later, when I was bored out of my mind for games. I am a fan of top-down racers, things like the original Death Rally and others, and I saw this game. It looked really rough with sort of 3d car models in a 2d environment, but the game had something that stuck by me. Generated roads and a hint of rogue-lite. So, I was interested and unexpectedly, I was received a key, in return for something - FEEDBACK. So, I did my best I could. Let's fast forward to where we are.

Bloody Rally Show is one of those underappreciated top down racers, I can understand people might not be a top fan of those and prefer 3d racers, but if you played games like GTA 1/2, the previously mentioned Death Rally, amongst others, you'll like this game. The game itself has a decent plot, but I can understand other people too, sometimes plot is only optinal, what matters if the game is fun. Well, that the game delivers. Let's get into the details.

You have your usual Career mode that has a hint of plot which explains why you are here. You're stuck doing some sort of game/TV Show, think of The Running Man, but something more with cars, not the exact same deal though. We race Group B styled cars, going fast and without a single hint of safety. You see peds on the track? You can kill them, the fans will love it and you are rewarded well - with bonuses after the end of a race in the week, and with extra boost of your nitrous. Think of this place a mix of Carmageddon with a bit of Death Rally and other classics.

You will also realize you don't have many cars to use, so here's the deal. You are not experienced enough for them, so the best way to earn your way to get them, you gotta race, and hard. Level up in your season to unlock upgrades for your cars, as well the cars themselves. But it won't be easy, every track you race across the 7 weeks each season, is randomized, with hazards. Things like porta pottys, snowman, explosive barrels, and potentially, special missions that can both benefit you, and put you at a risk. At same time, having a risk and reward if you succeed at them. Thiss isn't all, I got word the very Vice-President and Director will join up in the carnage - juat to cause extra chaos. Anything for the fans! The point of the season, if you do welland have enough money, you can buy up your freedom. But you better be good because you are not doing well on cash and cannot pay up the fee,or worse, your are forced in a pedestrian missions, you have to take photos of cars. Try to not get ran over - if you do, you're brown bread. Unless you have 10 grand to pay for ressurrection, but if you don't, that's game over.

The game also has custom races as another gamemode, with the unlocked cars and parts you have as a result, to race in already pre-generated tracks, few random generated ones, and, your tracks. Speaking of which. Let's go with the editor details in this game. You can create your tracks, not many top down racers get you to do that, this is one of them. Your imagination is your only limit. You can edit cars too - and if you have the creativity too, you can actually make custom cars, show your inner side of the mechanics side.

As for racers, you can select a few avatars for races, or upload your own. Yes, you can name your drivers whatever you want, with a photo too if you ever so desired, you cna even upload images to customize the paintjob of your car. Make it look unique, ya hear? And because of the feedback given through the year - my face is on one of the drivers. The semi-bald guy with glasses and beard, this is my real me. Safe to say, I am proud to have gone this far to have my actual face in this game, and even if this game is not the most popular one yet.

Anyway, if you are lacking top-down racers and want something to have fun, Bloody Rally Show is your kind of game. Different zooms for the camera and few options to your camera, to suit what you prefer best. Enough talk now, get ready for the Bloody Rally Show! And you better be ready, unless you prefer to be stuck getting killed over and over!
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