free   Palestinian Territory, Occupied
- The hypocrisy of the western media.
- Israeli strikes target civilians: Missile hit residential building in Rafah
- Illegal Israeli settlements: Increase in illegal land grabs in occupied West Bank

- Israeli forces stormed the house of Ayser Barghouti in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank

- How israel steals land - smotrich doctrine

- Israeli real estate firm pushes settlement building in Gaza

- Why is israel called an ‘apartheid’ state? 2021

- Devastating consequences for Palestinian children

- The UN about israeli army enabling settler violence []

- Israeli Soldiers Vandalise, Mock bookstore

- How Israeli settler violence forces Palestinians to flee their homes

- Israeli-Jew Explaining the 3 Sets of Laws in israel

- Ex-Palestinian child prisoners recount beatings by Israeli forces

- israel's lies debunked

- israeli practice of collective punishment for home demolitions in the West Bank

- How israel has occupied Palestinian water for decades

- What you need to know about israels zionism campaign so far

- How israelis Live So Easily With Occupation - Gideon Levy - israeli journalist

- israel is a racist, supremacist state

- genocide - free Palestine

- long before Oct 7, israeli embargo on Palestinian water []

- Irish politician Richard Boyd Barrett talking about 1sr4el []

- US marine on 1sr4eli occupation, interview recorded in 2010

- ziosrael spreading some more love

- even more love from ziosrael []

- American jew visiting the Palestinian West bank

- IDF TikTok is INSANE (We Live in a DYSTOPIA)

- Israeli forces carry out deadly raids in the West Bank amid Gaza truce

- Israel a 'terrorist state, apartheid regime', son of Israeli general says

- What happened in Gaza when the truce ended 12.1

- Why Does Israel Arrest Palestinian Children? | TLDR | Dawn News English 4:17 min

watch any of these videos, don't buy into mainstream propaganda.
Be on the right side of history.
Free Palestine.

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