Nope Nope   Germany
I'm back for now, don't really know if I will be online regularly yet though.

Overwatch & battle.net - ring#21690

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Mad Baddie Mar 10 @ 9:43am 
omg ur back!
_Snicκο Feb 20 @ 6:04am 
Holy moly, God is back.
The Beanster Feb 11 @ 11:14am 
Welcome back Ring!!
Gloobski™ Feb 11 @ 9:19am 
oh ♥♥♥♥ welcome back my dude
☮Sil♥er 214☮ Feb 10 @ 6:53am 
Welcome back buddy :3 *hugs thightly* we all have missed you :8bitheart:
Gloobski™ Jan 22 @ 8:18am 
I hope this man is doing alright...