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> Music and skins are not permanently unlocked, you can either purchase a weekly pass or a monthly pass.
> Mobile port and not the original game.
> No online battle modes or lobbies like the original game, only leaderboard rankings.
> The clear screen shows 5 different judgement types (Perfect, Great, Good, Bad, and Miss), but Great and Bad do not work.
> Judgement window for Perfects is extremely large, maybe due to the fact that Greats don't even work.
> Lots of broken English, spelling, and grammatical errors all over the place, takes less than 5 minutes to find one, and less than 5 to fix.
> Buying the in-game currency to buy in-game items takes you to this website with the world's smallest resolution, looks like it was made back in the Windows 98 days with 640x480 was standard. It's also sort of shady and I wish you could just buy the currency on Steam.
> Some of the textures on the game look very low resolution, like they weren't made for a higher resolution screen.
> I tried using two different usernames and apparently "Rebcart" has "sensitive words" in it, so I couldn't use it.
> 7key was an afterthought in this version eventhough 7key was the only game mode in the original game.
> You can't see your ranking on a song you played unless you are in the top 5 for the song.

> It's a rhythm game.
> It doesn't crash.
> It's free (if you don't mind limited song list).
> You can buy the monthly sub on Steam and not an external website.
Posted January 17, 2023. Last edited January 17, 2023.
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The notes come at you from the distance, and Miku dances in between the notes and your eyesight, blocking your sight of notes. Imagine if someone was dancing in front of the notes in Beat Saber, it would be hard to see incoming notes.

There is no note timing. If there was, i would describe it as very early. I only say this because my controller vibrated maybe an 1/8th note ahead of when it should've. Feels like some notes are just randomly put in there for no reason. There is no accuracy, it's either hit or miss.

UI is very barebones and looks like someone's first 3D game. Almost looks like a demo version.

Beating a song brings you back to the main menu and not song select. Only 10 songs in the base game.

Score means nothing for letter grade. Probably combo based or hits vs misses. I didn't play it long enough to figure out, but just missing one note could cause you to lose your SSS or above most likely, and it doesn't sound fun to grind a 4 minute song and hope to not miss any notes with Miku dancing in my line of sight.

If you are looking for VR rhythm game, don't play this, even if you are a Miku fan.
Posted March 10, 2021.
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Hard to see the gameplay screen when it's in full 9:16 vertical mode on my 16:9 monitor, but it's the only way to play so you don't get parts of the gameplay screen cut off. Hard to really fix this since this whole game was based off a 9:16 vertical layout for arcade, and redoing it into 16:9 would mean remaking all of the tracks. Some issues with note sounds being delayed after pressing a key, so I had to turn off sound effects to solve that issue after fixing my timing offset. It would really throw me off hearing a sound several hundred milliseconds after I press a key, so I just play to the music now and have no issues.

Still pretty fun, though it seems like no one really plays it. Would be nice to have an arcade-style controller for this Steam version as I'm still used to playing the arcade version. I'm not a fan of buying the DLC tracks at $2 each but I will if they go on sale at 50% off or more.

I liked the different event unlocks that the arcade version has, where you can play online and unlock titles and navigators, but this version is lacking all of that. You are stuck with one navigator and you cannot change it, but I've lost count as to how many navigators I have on my account on the arcade version. Also you can only purchase 4 songs with in-game currency, a bit lacking.
Posted December 30, 2018. Last edited December 30, 2018.
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I'm going to be talking about this game as a mahjong solitare game, and not an anime breasts bait as the developer is trying to make it look like.

The timer in this game is very unforgiving. I have a feeling it gives you more time with a higher combo. The only time you ever get a high combo is right at the end when you know where everything is.

More often than not, the tile patterns you get are randomized in such a way that the puzzle is unsolvable. I spent 2 hours on ONE stage and either always got an unsolvable solution or a time out for taking too long. I hope you like seeing the phrase "No More Pick".

There is NO hint system at all in this game.

The sounds were so annoying I had to mute the game.

This game would be better with a hint system, longer timer, and a better randomization algorhythm for the tiles. DON'T WASTE EVEN A DOLLAR ON THIS.

If you are stuck with this bogus RNG mess, just download a full save file, beat the very first stage, and all the achievements will unlock.
Posted October 15, 2016. Last edited October 17, 2016.
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I have a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 5600 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. The test gives me results using the Intel 5600 and not the dedicated graphics card. I don't care if this system isn't ready for VR, I just care about the program working like it should.
Posted February 22, 2016.
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Do not buy until they add PSX music instead of MIDI music.
Posted December 5, 2013.
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