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Personal Achievements

Ante Up!

Reach Ante 4
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 2:59pm

Ante Upper!

Reach Ante 8
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 9:13pm

Heads Up

Win a Run
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 1:02am

Low Stakes

Win a run on at least Red Stake difficulty
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 3:24am

Mid Stakes

Win a run on at least Black Stake difficulty
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:50pm

Card Player

Play at least 2500 Cards
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 11:59pm

Card Discarder

Discard at least 2500 Cards
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 8:59pm

Nest Egg

Have $400 or more during a single run
Unlocked Apr 9 @ 1:09am


Win a run in 12 or fewer rounds
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 9:58pm


Play a Royal Flush
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 5:37pm


Get any poker hand to level 10
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 9:28pm


Score 10,000 Chips in a single hand
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 9:13pm


Score 1,000,000 Chips in a single hand
Unlocked Apr 5 @ 11:50pm

You Get What You Get

Win a run without rerolling the shop
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 11:40pm

Rule Bender

Complete any challenge run
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 4:01pm


Discover a Legendary Joker
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 1:02am


Discover every Planet card
Unlocked Apr 8 @ 11:02pm


Discover every Tarot card
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 9:47pm


Discover every Spectral card
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 2:02pm

High Stakes

Win a run on at least Gold Stake difficulty


Play a Flush with 5 Wild Cards


Buy 5 Vouchers by the end of Ante 4


Break 2 Glass Cards in a single hand


Score 100,000,000 Chips in a single hand

Tiny Hands

Thin your deck down to 20 or fewer cards

Big Hands

Have 80 or more cards in your deck

Rule Breaker

Complete every challenge run

Extreme Couponer

Discover every Voucher


Discover 100% of your collection


Win with every deck on Gold Stake difficulty


Earn a Gold Sticker on every Joker