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Soap Connoisseur

Own all cleaning liquids at the same time
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:47pm

Fully Equipped

Own the Prime Vista 1500 and three of its attachments
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:46pm

Urban Xpert

Own the UrbanX U2 and four of its attachments
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:47pm

Heavy Hitter

Own the Prime Vista 3000 and five of its attachments
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:48pm

Unlimited Powerwash

Own the Prime Vista PRO and six of its attachments
Unlocked Jul 17, 2022 @ 1:35am


Equip a new outfit, gloves and washer modification at the same time
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:48pm


In the Playground, roll the football up the stegoslide
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:54pm

Watermelon Shot

In the Skatepark, push the ball out of the bowl
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:49pm

Impeccable Balance

Stand on the Penny Farthing for 10 seconds
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:45pm

Best Buds

Ride around the Big Wheel with a gnome
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 12:02am

Bucket List

At the Ancient Statue, knock over four buckets
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 12:05am

As It Was Foretold...

Complete Career Mode
Unlocked Jul 17, 2022 @ 7:05am

Coconut Dodge

At the Fairground, knock over all of the coconuts
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:50pm

Starting Out

Earn 5 Stars in Career Mode
Unlocked Jul 16, 2022 @ 1:09am

Raking It In

Earn 50 Stars Career Mode
Unlocked Jul 16, 2022 @ 1:09am

Big Business

Earn 100 Stars in Career Mode
Unlocked Jul 16, 2022 @ 1:09am

Super Star

Earn 150 Stars in Career Mode
Unlocked Jul 16, 2022 @ 1:09am

Going for Gold

Get one gold medal in Challenge Mode
Unlocked Jul 16, 2022 @ 12:56am

Powerful Pressure Purist

Completely clean the Van using only the red nozzle

First Steps

In the Back Garden, complete all 12 stepping stones first


Complete the Bungalow gutters last

Pave the Way

In the Detached House, complete the Pathway, Driveway and Driveway Edges first

Sole Task

Complete the sole of the Shoe House last

Tall Order

Completely clean the Fire Station job without standing on the scaffolding

I Can See Clearly Now

Complete the Fire Truck windows, windscreen and wing mirrors first

Lantern Hunter

In the Treehouse, complete all of the lanterns first

Live by the Blade

Complete the Fire Helicopter blades first

Merrily Go Round

Completely clean the Carousel without turning it off

Gnome Sweet Gnome

In the Temple, ensure the gnome is on the tower roof once the job is complete

Delaying the Inevitable

In the Washroom, complete the toilets, toilet seats and toilet lids last

Shine Bright

On the Helter Skelter, complete the objects that have lightbulbs before anything else

Suspicious Modifications

Complete the Private Jet laser and anti-gravity parts first


Complete the Monster Truck tyres first

Blast from the Past

In the Subway Platform, complete the advertising boards first

Delicate Excavation

Completely clean the Ancient Monument using only the white nozzle

All Hands on Deck

Complete the Fishing Boat bow, steps and main deck first

Good Dings to Come

Clean 95% of any job without completing any tasks

Head First

Complete the Drill head and tip first

Gold Standard

Get five gold medals in Challenge Mode

Side Hustle

Complete a Bonus Job

Naughty Nautical Neighbors

Complete the Conch Street job

Bus is here!

Complete the Bikini Bottom Bus job

Employee of the Month

Complete the Krusty Krab job

Feast Your Eyes…

Complete the Patty Wagon job

It's Supposed to be Invisible!

Complete the Invisible Boatmobile job

Mermaidman and Barnacleboy Unite!

Complete the Mermalair job

It's not a Boulder, It's a Rock!

In the Conch Street job, complete Patrick's Rock, Rock Hinge and Rock Underside last

Bucket Sweet Bucket

In the Krusty Krab job, complete the Chum Bucket first

I've Come for Your Pickle

In the Patty Wagon job, complete the Pickles first

It's Not My Wallet

In the Mermalair job, complete Patrick's Identity Card first

Great Scott!

Complete the Doc Brown's Van job


Complete the Time Machine job

Save the Clocktower!

Complete the Clocktower job

2015? You Mean We're in the Future?

Complete the Holomax Theater job

Your Future is Whatever You Make it

Complete the Doc's Time Train job

88 Miles Per Hour!

Watch the Time Machine reappear

May it Stand for All Time!

In the Clocktower job, ring the bell

Shark Still Looks Fake

In the Holomax Theater Job, activate the holographic shark

Back to the Theater

In the Holomax Theater job, clean the Grid Wall first

This is What Makes Time Travel Possible

In the Doc's Time Train job, clean the Flux Capacitor and its Particle Colliders first

Courage and Honor!

Complete the Land Raider job

Eternal Service

Complete the Redemptor Dreadnought job

Cadia Stands!

Complete the Rogal Dorn Battle Tank job

Sacristan's Duty

Complete the Imperial Knight Paladin job

Sanguinius Would Be Proud

Complete the Thunderhawk job

We March for Macragge!

In the Land Raider job, complete the "Ultramarines II" Plaque first

Degrees of Redemption

Completely clean the Redemptor Dreadnought using only the yellow nozzle

The Emperor Protects

In the Imperial Knight Paladin job, complete the Tilt Shield and Tilt Shield Purity Seals first

Astra Militarum's Secret Weapon

In the Rogal Dorn Battle Tank job, complete the Stowed Shovel first

Descend into Shadow, Rise into Light

In the Thunderhawk Job, complete the Retro Thrusters first