Sam   New South Wales, Australia
Ch4mpion: Why do u call ur name samson
Ch4mpion: Isn't it Charlie

Bae : you cant jump for shit, you cant aim for shit and your movement is cancer

Dajono: that memories bloke is a nightmare

Raze: haha i love rick and morty

yellowsnow: you know what they say
yellowsnow: if they're worse than you then they're a noob and a kid and you fucked their mum

bindi irwin: great
bindi irwin: now i have to MASTURBATE

kcaj: fuck i haqw[e my phone

Ok Noob : battery low
Ok Noob : wait
Ok Noob : !remove

Insayno : Taunting is irrelephant

shared account w/ my brother so if i dont respond, you know why.
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you share with ur brother hahahaha Mum makes u share hahahahahaahahahahahaahhaahh cheese
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