Leaving this world isn't as scary as it sounds.
Dear you - the love I've always longed for,

I feel not anger or regret, but freedom. For too long I clung to hopes of "what if", ignoring the reality before me. But no more will I spend my days longing for a love unattained.

These past few years, I have tried too hard to be what I thought you needed, ignoring my own happiness in the process. I see now that I lost myself in hoping to win your love through patience and dedication. But true love cannot be forced or argued into being. I gave so much to chasing a dream of you, yet held nothing back from bettering myself. For that, I apologize - no one deserves a man so swallowed in another.

Now the road opens, and I go with gratitude for both the joy and sorrow you brought. They have shaped me to recognize my worth lies not in any one person's eyes, but in my own heart. I don't know what's to come, but choose to meet it without fear.

You deserve to be with someone who uplifts your spirit in return, as I hope one day to find for myself. Thank you for the lesson, harsh as it was - it will guide me to healthier places. Farewell.
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