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*chews bubblegum* well you weren't expecting me to kick ass right?
:sans: * bad times ahead.
*confused cat noises* :os_niko:
Send me offers.

For those looking for the a hat in time mods:
Animations Play 1.0a []
OtherMods []

Extract and place the folders of your choice to Steam\steamapps\common\HatinTime\HatinTimeGame\Mods.

You've probably seen this around... hey having no clothes is cool right? +18 degenerates only
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As a not so wise E3 guy that said "ALL THE FEELS UGH"
I am mostly the guy that is looking for the useful information first just like in the True Ending in undertale, resetting is a worse feeling than anything else to me. I wanted to spit Flowey through the monitor.

The reason for this might be from cave story when I was completely lost around 2005, until I got internet in late 2007 and there it was I was amazed to how much more there was.

I greatly dislike that one wrong move can just set you in the wrong track but that might as well apply to life as well but we don't get a reset button or a guide to better our lives.

Man, playing Night In The Woods and OneShot in the span of a week was a bad idea, managed to get equal tears from both which didn't happen at all before, guess as we grow older we become more emotional.

p.s I had to put this here, I uh don't know anymore. :YellowCube:

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Siehste Neu Dec 12 @ 1:43pm 
That was the sweetest gameplay sessions I've ever had! :D :HatHealth:
Yellow Dice Dec 10 @ 1:28pm 
That's my animations play mod which got hidden from the workshop but people who subbed to it can still use it. If you want it, you might need winrar, Click "view more info" on my profile here.
StrangeMedic Dec 10 @ 1:23pm 
sorry to ask but how do you do the fake death emote ?
Cheyaoshi Oct 15 @ 11:09am 
+rep nice spray dude
TH3F4ST Oct 5 @ 5:43am 
+rep great mvm scout and have great taste of things!
Goguler May 2 @ 5:52pm 
+rep one hell of a negotiator