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*chews bubblegum* well you weren't expecting me to kick ass right?
:sans: * bad times ahead.
*confused cat noises* :os_niko:
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For those looking for the a hat in time mods:
AnimPlay 1.0 []
OtherMods []

Extract and place the folders of your choice to Steam\steamapps\common\HatinTime\HatinTimeGame\Mods.

You've probably seen this around... hey having no clothes is cool right? +18 degenerates only
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As a not so wise E3 guy that said "ALL THE FEELS UGH"
I am mostly the guy that is looking for the useful information first just like in the True Ending in undertale, resetting is a worse feeling than anything else to me. I wanted to spit Flowey through the monitor.

The reason for this might be from cave story when I was completely lost around 2005, until I got internet in late 2007 and there it was I was amazed to how much more there was.

I greatly dislike that one wrong move can just set you in the wrong track but that might as well apply to life as well but we don't get a reset button or a guide to better our lives.

Man, playing Night In The Woods and OneShot in the span of a week was a bad idea, managed to get equal tears from both which didn't happen at all before, guess as we grow older we become more emotional.

p.s I had to put this here, I uh don't know anymore. :YellowCube:

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