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Unlocked Sep 12, 2017 @ 11:48am

Secure the Southern Border

Complete the Trump Wall.

Make America Great Again

Win the Game.

100% Unlocked

Unlock Every Gear in a Single Play Through.

God Emperor

Win the Game with the Rank of God Emperor.

Thwart the Globalist Puppet

Make North Korea fear America to the maximum.

Some Mettle for Some Metal

Send aid to South America 30 times.

Elite Boots, Elite Trousers, Elite Mindset

Buy 100 product from Australia.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Invade China without starting World War 3.

Swindle the Swindler

Buy product from India, then sell it back to them at a higher price.

French Fuel

Buy 10 oil from France.

We Do It For the Children

Send food to Africa during a hunger crisis 3 times.

World War 2 All Over Again

Make Japan fear America to the maximum, then make them love America to the maximum.

Donald Trump Loves Making Love

Make 3 countries love America to the maximum at the same time.

The Mexican Standoff

Schmooze or threaten Mexico 5 times.

President. Man. Mercenary.

Defeat the leader of ISIS.

Sir President Donald J. Trump

Unlock the Sword of the God Emperor.

Legal Arms Dealing

Purchase product from Russia while the USA is invading a country.