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watching my profile cause you fucking mad bruh? i fuck you up.
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SpockMonster Sep 16 @ 5:50pm 
dude can you talk to him
SpockMonster Sep 16 @ 5:49pm 
Joky noeh 50 crates for heatwave. he got 48 and then left. i would like my crates back or get the heatvahe he promised to give me
Venom Sep 9 @ 3:23pm 
so noob lol
PedroRossi Sep 7 @ 1:08pm 
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FoXy -SaiyajiN Aug 18 @ 9:42am 
-rep cant play aurelion sol if seen on team insta run down mid, if seen on enemy team ask for enemy paypal and get them to run it down mid
flashD Aug 16 @ 2:44pm