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The Cigarette Collection
Collection by NeoDement
oof owie my lungs
NeoDement's 2021 Collection!!!
Collection by NeoDement
The year is 2021 and the cosmetics are flowing... Please vote for any of these you'd like to see ingame!
A Very NeoDement Smissmas Collection (2020)
Collection by NeoDement
Ho ho ho... merry hat-mas This is a collection of all the items I've made over the course of this year that I think would be suitable for this years Smissmas update! I'll be updating this collection with more items as we get closer to the day of the
NeoDement's Halloween Hair Raisers 2020!?!?
Collection by NeoDement
The scariest thing about this collection is that it's already been one year since the last one! That's right mortals... I, Merasmus, stole your precious year!! Mwahaha!!!! What's that? Oh right, the description... hmm... Vote for these terrifying cos
The Down-Under Desperado
Collection by NeoDement
The Good, the Bad... and the Australian.
The Keeper
Collection by NeoDement
How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two days?
The Invisible Hand
Collection by NeoDement
After dabbling as a landlord for a while and even investing in several app based startups, Spy realised the fastest way to get-rich-quick would simply be to sell Scout's Burning Flames Unusual collection.
NeoDement's Summer Surprises!! 2020!!!
Collection by NeoDement
Hats and coats and pocket pets, oh my! Here's a collection of all the cosmetic items I've made for this year's summer/fall update, check back regularly because I'll be adding more as time goes on!
disney land sesh
Collection by NeoDement
it's time
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