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Mack Daddy
Collection by NeoDement
Respect the hustle!
NeoDement's Summer 2022 Collection
Collection by NeoDement
Better late than never! It's the NeoDement 2022 Summer collection! Be sure to keep checking back, I'm going to be adding more to this collection in the run up to the summer update! As always any and all votes are massively appreciated!
Collection by NeoDement
Cold? No problem!
Bundled Up Builder
Collection by NeoDement
Dress up warm for winter with this novelty sweater for our favourite Texan! This item has two styles, "Giver" looks like a Dispenser, "Taker" is based off the checker pattern seen on the Mini Sentry!
Roaster's Ribbon
Collection by NeoDement
Let everyone on the battlefield know that being in your presence is a very special gift, and that anyone who disagrees will end up on your naughty list. A big bow with 2 styles!
NeoDement's Christmas Crackers 2021!!
Collection by NeoDement
I don't want a lot for Smissmas There is just one thing I need I don't care about the weapons Underneath the Smissmas tree I just want hats of my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Smissmas is cosmetic items
Gruesome Gourd
Collection by NeoDement
Happy Halloween!
Collection by NeoDement
Pyro's got a sock for a head, with three unique paint styles!
The Last Note
Collection by NeoDement
"The perfect instrumental accompaniment for serenading the recently deceased."
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