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The Keeper
Collection by NeoDement
How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two days?
The Invisible Hand
Collection by NeoDement
After dabbling as a landlord for a while and even investing in several app based startups, Spy realised the fastest way to get-rich-quick would simply be to sell Scout's Burning Flames Unusual collection.
NeoDement's Summer Surprises!! 2020!!!
Collection by NeoDement
Hats and coats and pocket pets, oh my! Here's a collection of all the cosmetic items I've made for this year's summer/fall update, check back regularly because I'll be adding more as time goes on!
disney land sesh
Collection by NeoDement
it's time
Heart-Print Pajamas
Collection by NeoDement
Some heart-print pajamas!
The Gangster Collection
Collection by NeoDement
A classic 1920s gangster set/collection for Rust!
Dream Crusader
Collection by NeoDement
Star and moon patterned pajamas for the Dream Crusader set, pants and a hoodie.
The Sky-High Scorcher
Collection by NeoDement
From way down in the 2fort sewers, to all the way up in the skies, there's no escape from the Pyro.
NeoDement's Smissmas Surprises!!! 2019!!!
Collection by NeoDement
Come in from the cold horrors of Halloween and warm yourself by the fire of this festive collection! I will be adding items to this collection in the lead-up to Smissmas, so keep checking back!
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