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The Chain Smoker
Collection by NeoDement
Get it? He's a got a chain and he smokes... heheh
Aged Assassin
Collection by NeoDement
He may be a salty man, but he's sweet at heart.
NeoDement's Summer Selection!
Collection by NeoDement
It's all the stuff I worked on for the upcoming (maybe?) summer update! Keep an eye on this collection, I'm planning to add more to it :D
The Survivalists
Collection by NeoDement
These three brave veterans fought in the war against a Yeti and lived to tell the tale.
Country Constructor
Collection by NeoDement
Rocketeer of the Rockies
Collection by NeoDement
Nobody tell Soldier Canada isn't *really* the 51st state...
Badwater Bandit
Collection by NeoDement
He shot the sheriff, but he swears it was in self-defense.
Keep On Truckin'
Collection by NeoDement
As if I would ever stop truckin'!
NeoDement's Smissmas Showcase!
Collection by NeoDement
tis the season to make TF2 items! I'll be updating this collection as the leadup to Christmas continues, so be sure to check back regularly ;) A few of the items in this collection are ones I made for Halloween that I thought weren't particularly spooky
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