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Posted: Aug 8, 2021 @ 4:08pm


I've play this game blindingly, knowing only that my friends strongly recommend it (since PS3). So I thought that the in-game companion is just a very well trained AI that respond to my movements and my "singing" ability. Thus, I've play the game at my own pace: flying, surfing, exploring, meditating, "talking" with my companion. Well, the journey do mean something to me, but I doubt that it might not mean anything to my companion since I thought there were AI. Still, I try to treat them as well as I can since I think it is the right thing to do even if they are just an AI. However, when the credit roll, I saw that there's no AI anywhere, but my companion is actually a real person somewhere in the world. Although our destination are determined, but the silly and brilliant things along the journey made it so special. And I fall in love with them. Thank you Vicann for the wonderful journey!
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