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Personal Achievements

A Winner is You

Complete all three campaigns 'Normal' difficulty


Win a skirmish match against any AI opponent

Committed Relationship

Play 25 skirmish matches with one faction


Complete all hidden campaign objectives


Play 10 skirmish matches with one faction

Easy Going

Complete all three campaigns on 'Easy' difficulty


Win a co-op match vs AI

Good Friends

Win 10 co-op matches vs AI

Good Game

Win a skirmish match against all AI opponents

Internet Commander

Win an online match

Knows it All

Complete all primary and secondary campaign objectives


Win a skirmish match without building any Experimentals


Extract 1,000,000 mass

Master Builder

Build 10,000 units


Win a Ranked online match


Improve your score on any operation

Rushin' Front

Win a skirmish match in less than five minutes


Win a skirmish match with each faction

Score Hoarder

Get a complete campaign score over 150,000

Sharp Shooter

Destroy 10,000 units


Win a skirmish match on every multiplayer map

Start Here

Complete both parts of the tutorial

Supreme Online Commander

Win 25 Ranked online matches

Supremest Commander

Complete all three campaigns on 'Hard' difficulty

Time Cruncher

Play the game for over 24 hours in total

To the Victor…

Win 25 skirmish matches

21 hidden achievements remaining

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