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i'm awkward. some dude on the internet called me a simp once. :deponiacat:
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Where one can find a Mina...
There once was a mysterious figure named Mina, who liked to play many games. But no game was similar to the other, because this one had an extremely interesting taste. They liked card games and strategy games, but they also liked to pick fights for fun. Weird, you might think. Still, there was always a chance to meet them. A thing that they could easily use to stand out and fit in at the same time. The "Steamy Tavern" was one of their favourite, but they also enjoyed competing in the "Guild Wars Arenas". You could also find them at the "Origin Debates", the "Twitch Theatre" or you could meet them at the "Battle Net Forum". Sometimes even lurking in one of the Discord alleys. They were always wearing a hood but you could have easily identified them because they would never go out of their hideout without wearing a strange mask. Therefore their unique nickname - MinasMask.:2016butterfly:

Come find me...
Discord: minasmask#8280
Twitch/Curse: minasmask

Guild Wars 1&2: MinasMask.3276 (Drakkar-See)
Battle.net : Mina#22212
Origin/EA: MinasMask
Epic Games: minasmask
Xbox: minasmask
Playstation Network: minasmask

Nintendo 3DS: 2208-6109-1118
Nintendo Switch: SW-1773-3021-7629
Pokémon GO: 8690 5460 0041
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