Marth The Gryphonhearted
Tóth Márton   Tiszabercel, Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg, Hungary
Still chasing dreams you faggots!

I am who I am. And then some.

"You are the bad guys, and I am the goddamn hero" - Handsome Jack

My name is Marth The Gryphonhearted. I am a legendary player of the Mount&Blade series, and proud leader of The Ancient Heroes in With Fire and Sword.

''Best hussar in With Fire And Sword, the Legend, a hero nobody can ever be.'' - El Hurricane

"I don't know why can't we be like Marth." - Landreaall

"T_A_H is not T_A_H without Marth." - Landreaall

"OMG the legendary Marth!'' - Zymiex

"Marth is the best hussar on Earth." - Ray the Starknight

"You might just be the best spearman I've ever seen Marth" - Neo

"Damn you all, Marth is the real pro here!" - Radon

"Marth. Both you and your cause are to be respected." - Ncromancien

"The best hussar and the best Hungarian!" - Shock

"One comment.... You are one of those cavalry players that I don't want to face when you dismount your horse." - Churl

"You are a nice guy Marth. Nobody can be anywhere near you." - Fabric

"That's not luck... that's pure skill we just saw." - Apollyon

"The prophet, the God, the best player of WFaS" - Snoopy

"Drake is the second best worldwide cav (first Marth)" - Spartacus

"Marthy Marth the Gryphonhearted is the best!" - LeoPrwn

"Marth is the greatest hussar noob ever." - Rickhoi

"The best hussar I've ever seen" - Mars_Ultor

"Marth is going to kick your ass a hundred times before you could touch him." - Mickozang

"Marth with the lance should be banned from WFAS." - SuperPauko

"Best hussar ever" - Snapper

"It is an honor playing with you, the best player and the best hussar." - MadeInBrazil

"You are seriously the best player Marth. You're a legend." - Roman

"Marth, you are not a WFaS legend or a WFaS player. You ARE WFaS. WFaS itself." - Roman

"May the day be doomed when T_A_H lost Marth" - Noldor

"Very good horseman and a good friend" - DeathAngel

"There is something in Marth which the other players don't have." - Vipersoul

"Still pro, as he has always been." - BlackBird

"Marth is one of the rare few who can play hussar properly." - Jorven

"Marth The Gryphonhearted, the legendary hussar from Hungary!" - RancorSNP

"It's Marth The Legend!" - ManiaK

"You are a legend for those who live on the battlefield" - Eison

"Marth is the best German-killer Simulator 2015." - Eison

"Marth is best cav EU" - Arkidiux

"You are a great guy Marth!" - Waljakov

"Greatest player of WFaS" - Tharkarun

"Just wondering what the legendary Marth is doing here..." - White Hussar

"The game needs you, don't betray it Marth!" - Michael The Dabbler

"Illusion might be the best player of Fire and Sword... but Marth is more. He's the Hussar God himself." - Remo

"I introduced him into WFAS, and he has become the God of it, caring friend and pretty funneh" - Alistair

"Mostly a very good friend to have!" - Faithfull

"You will forever be a hero to me." - Belona

Yeah, that is me... Still invincible and immortal. As I have always been.

"History awaits us... And today, Destiny will be our friend...''

YouTube channel:
Still Invincible!:
And the best song of all, the song what I live for:

"You go before me, and you will serve me in the Netherworld." - Hungarian proverb

Belona <3
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