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Fire May 29 @ 11:45am 
I'm interested in the Pyrovision Goggles on your bot for 1 key. Add me if it's for sale.
Bill May 26 @ 9:49pm 
Your bot isn't working
alt || || May 25 @ 12:27pm 
Hey Manic, sorry if this may come out as annoying, but I traded your bot to sell a Box trot (here is the trade offer screenshot: and I accidentally sold it for 40.44 ref instead of 40.77 ref (according to the bot's listing: , again, sorry if this is annoying, but can I get the remaining reclaimed metal for the trade?
manic May 18 @ 3:09am 
Supreme Leader Of North Korea May 17 @ 11:30pm 
Hi Manic , Sorry for the inconvenience, my friend made a mistake and lost a key to your bot(Check your trade offers), the problem is my friend has a limited account(can't post in your comments), that's why i'm here, his ID is Boo_Wat , thanks for the understanding!