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I trade tf2 items. Like my stuff? Got something to offer? Trade offer link can help u.

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Tf2 Trading and Hall of Scammers
28 December: Added criteria for adding me as a friend.

Adding Friends
Wanna add me for trade or just want a friend to play some games with? Sure go right ahead! However, you do need to comment the reason why you added me. This is so I know what to expect.

I will ignore any friend requests if you meet any one of the criteria
- You didn't comment on my profile:csdmad:
- Your profile is private:csdmad:
- Marked as a scammer and whatnot:sadpolice:
- Called yourself a competitive player and have a minuscule inventory. (basically tf2 comp scam)
- Sending unsuccessful troll offers and have to resort to adding me:csdmeh:
- Begging :csdsmile:

Trading policies

#1: All trades are to be made on the spot.
I am a busy boi, if I may seem to be online most of the time on Steam or That's because I keep these tabs open and never close them. You can reserve the item, however...

#2: Reserving items
Want a beloved item but need time to gather pure? You will need to pay a reserving fee (deposit if you like) of 4 ref. That's all

#3: All trades are final!
I won't refund anything you buy from me unless is a mistake on my part. But if you come back to me with "I realise that this effect doesn't suit me" Sorry, but no can do.

#4: All prices are negotiable
I am never dead set on a price unless I said so. For any active trades, I will always add any C/Os next to the item on both classifieds and posts to indicate how much someone is willing to pay for the item. For proof, I can provide screenshots.


#1. If you adding me for an auction matter, PLEASE comment the reason for adding me, I won't accept random friend requests unless you're someone I knew.

#2. To remove a bid, please provide a legit reason, reasons such as "I traded away my pure in another trade" or "I traded away my items that were supposed to be in the bid". In that case, I will reject it.

2a. I will not remove bids which you claim to be a mistake, an "oopsie", or you don't want the item anymore. The bidder is responsible to evaluate the item and ask for advice before bidding. In other words, don't bid or pay up.

Last Updated: 13th Oct, 2020

TF2 trading
My profile []
Interested? Send a trade offer here!
My, so you can click less []:steamhappy:
Here is my profile. []
Real money for tf2 items here! []

I provide a variety of services, here are the few:
- Unboxing services, want me to unbox you some great items from crates? 1 ref per crate! You provide me the crates and the keys, whatever I open, I give it back to you!

- Price suggestions, want me to update a price for you? Just comment the hat, I will do it for u <3

- Price suggestion enquires. need to know how much I bought a hat and sold it for? I am glad to help, just comment and add me (or find me on discord) and we can discuss.

- Weapon "borrowing" services: Are you a reputable person that wants to borrow an item for a video or for some time? Comment and add me, indicate what item you want me to "borrow" you. You will need to pay a collateral just in case. Or I can drop you a weapon in a server and let you play around for a bit.


1. Hi there, are you interested in____?
Nice, send a trade offer, unless you got further questions. Just type in my profile the reason you added me.

2. What should I offer?
Anything! Unless specified in my trade post or myself, anything can be traded (1:1 or item overpay, depending on the item in question). Just send the trade offer, I don't bite.

3. Why you ignored my friend invite
There is really one reason why, I checked your as well as your profile. You have a private inventory? BYE! Negative trust? BYE! A red strikethrough across your name on BYE!
Update: Random adds (ones with no comment are ignored automatically unless I recognize you)

4. I want to play a few games with you!
Tf2? SURE! Other games? I am a big fan of Co-OP games like L4D2, so if you are looking for someone to join your squad, I will always be available.

Making friends
Adding me is fine, but please do comment the reason. If I added you, is usually because I find you cool when playing a casual game with you or I would like to discuss trades with you.

Lastly, thank you for reading this, and hope that I can contribute to the tf2 community in some way or the other like how I did three years ago. Cheers and have a good one.

Profile pic by: CinnamonToastKen

Biggest donation: I helped him find a seller for his dream item.

Most inspiring: The one who got me into price suggestions, helping the community

This mad lad freaking paid 5.11 ref for 5 ref, now he is forever in my heart!
"trade' in question:

Best man:
Scourge decided to gift me two months of Backpack premium to aid in my suggestions as mine expires, thank you very much Scourge

If I have this status, that means I am doing something
Online: Willing to play or talk to u
Away: I have classes.
Busy: I have classes.
Looking to play: Willing to play
Looking to trade: Willing to trade
Offline: Sleeping and classes

Scammers encountered: & &
(Private inventory, also marked as phisher) &
(Impersonated the real Daddy Alex)
(Tried to use the "Steam Personnel Scam" on me)
(Same as above)
(Same as above)
(Fake gambling site scammer)
(Reason: He has all these credentials saying he participated in tf2 competitive, meanwhile having little to no hours on the game (he has his games set to private), though there isn't any evidence he scammed me, he definitely has something to hide, proceed with caution.)
(Phishing link man)
(Steam Admin scam)
(comp scammer)
(comp scammer)
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"Med Down" -by Sara

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can you go lower on the viri peeper on marketplace or take keys leave response in my comments or add me thanks
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can you go lower on the viri peeper on marketplace or take keys leave response in my comments or add me thanks
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need borrow few keys i return in like 1 hour i need make my inv bigger one guy gonna sent me 1000 keys
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