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do not buy: pure SCAM for old owners. Content changed postfactum.

to FUNNY commenters: you are new to the game. Imagine your CSGO-skin you payed money for was changed from FN to BS.Then rethink. I payed 15 € for this DLC.

Update "Season 01" removed the skins I payed for and shown on product page.
They called it "upgrade", I call it scam and content removal.
Especially the original gunner MK 2 full golden armor was "upgraded" to something like < 30 % gold-skin covered abomination.
I bought this pak exclusively for those KNIGHT armor on day one i knew DRG existed. Wasted money.
Those skin was removed from game and what you get as replacement: Dead Space SPACESUIT copy. Cheap looking "upgrade" noone asked for.

Original (both left armors):

Scam version:

Other classes armors, and all MK 1/MK 2 armors are changed too, but not as extreme as gunner class MK 2.

See no point in supporting DEVs taking away what I payed for.

I payed for 100 % gold Knight Armor. They replaced it by 30 % gold Space Suit.
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My record for points per Mission. HAZ5 at max diff., No Shields, No IW, crystalline caverns. 1 Errorcube and x2 XP. Acceptable playtime.
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730 days. unbreakable.
livinghell Dec 26, 2023 @ 8:05am 
notification to buy those games over keysellers and not over steam.
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why so many links