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лёха реми Mar 15 @ 7:13am 
+rep gg
StonyStarko Mar 12 @ 4:58am 
Bro your good man gg!
huhwhowhat Mar 5 @ 2:59pm 
when bro knows hes using a script when all he does is punishes lol
mies Mar 1 @ 6:25am 
mies Mar 1 @ 6:11am 
MenLover Feb 28 @ 2:04am 
Chapter 4: The Temptation
Caught in the throes of desire, Menlover wrestled with his conscience. He knew that crossing the line would jeopardize everything they had built together. But the allure of Dazza's touch and the intoxicating chemistry between them proved to be too much to resist.

Chapter 5: The Consequences
As Menlover's plan unfolded, he soon realized the grave mistake he had made. The consequences of his actions threatened to shatter the fragile love they had nurtured. Now, both men must confront the fallout of their choices and decide if their love is strong enough to survive the darkness that surrounds them.

Behind Bars is a short yet intense erotic romance that explores the complexities of love and desire within the confines of a jail cell. Will Menlover and Dazza find a way to navigate their forbidden connection, or will their actions tear them apart?