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Mark of the Mature - 22nd of December 2023
The stained hand of my senior within my view.
The blackened tips of his fingers reach out to me.
Their grasp reciprocated resolutely,
For this young soft soul
Wishes to taste humanity.

A carnival of pleasure cascades from touch.
It envelops and it begins to smutch.
To my left and my right, I feel the world clash.
Purity burns, leaving only ash.
Impurities rife, skin void of light.
An act belonging to we people of the night.

The innocent hand of my peer draws near.
My blackened fingertips pull them here.
Reciprocated with no hesitation,
This dimension dripping, teeming with elation.
This young soft soul
Wishes to have control.

This wicked world ignites the pristine being ablaze.
The figure of my friend fading from my gaze,
Leaving my frigid hands bare,
Save for the lingering warmth that was once there
Doomed to corrupt those I caress.
Forever stuck within this impure mess.

Deep in my heart, a blemish scores
Marking the fibre of my being, staining every pore.
Those I have invited now perpetually gone
Never to wake at the break of dawn.
This young sinful soul
Wishes to be whole.


Gotta praise Jesus, UwU
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quite shrimply waddlepop — 7:34 PM
she needs a name
Brunch Enjoyer — 7:34 PM
name her cat
quite shrimply waddlepop — 8:47 PM
I think we will call her Peanut Butter
It's that shrimple — 9:18 PM
peanut butter is good name because peanut butter can be crunchy and I feel like the kitty would be crunchy if I spread her on bread

It's that shrimple — 8:38 PM
Ok I am in overwatch.
Waltah — 8:51 PM
They added you to overwatch?
quite shrimply waddlepop — 8:51 PM
just what we needed
another gay hero
sigh !

arcticshrimp — 6:20 PM
happy bday
quite shrimply waddlepop — 6:21 PM
thanks man let's have sex
GhostNinja — 6:27 PM
Happy bday
quite shrimply waddlepop — 6:28 PM
I'm not saying it twice

Lacirev — 2:11 AM
I'm neurodivergent and a minor
chriss — 2:11 AM
ur 19
Lacirev — 2:11 AM
Goofy ahh don't even know my age
chriss — 2:12 AM
Lacirev — 2:12 AM
Look I can't stay up long I got my last hsc exam tomorrow
chriss — 2:12 AM
lmao shut up

Jek — 8:33 PM
i barely use discord
and i aint trying to pirate some free nitro
Waltah — 8:33 PM
Bro goes outside and knows the touch of a woman you love to see it

It's that shrimple — 10:05 PM
idk maybe we just look young
I've seen a lot of people who look older than me but aren't
quite shrimply waddlepop — 10:17 PM
you lack testosterone
have sex with men
Shrimple as that — 10:17 PM
didn't work
quite shrimply waddlepop — 10:30 PM
what do you mean it didn't work
try again
Shrimple as that — 10:30 PM
how many more times do I have to do it?"
pretty sore tbh
quite shrimply waddlepop — 10:30 PM
so you're a quitter
Oh I needed that — 10:31 PM
Did Jesus stop dying on the cross because it hurt
He died hard.
It's that shrimple — 10:31 PM
nah but he gave up being dead after 3 days

hekat — 6:12 PM
I had 2 eggs
I ate one half
Cuz I couldn't wait
I made ramen eggs
Lacirev — 6:13 PM
and then she forgot to take a photo for the little gay people trapped in her phone
hekat — 6:13 PM
invidia — 6:13 PM

Kat — 12:53 PM
i have one rule when i draw
no hentai
machampfan4421 — 12:54 PM
how about hammond and I'm kicking him off a 100 m cliff with spikes at the bottom
Kat — 12:54 PM

"I'm gonna have a sip of juice and forget who I drank water with" - James

Waltah — 6:12 PM
Why so many people dressing up fruity and going city I thought gay people were finished
machampfan4421 — 6:13 PM
apparently there are going to be many events this coming weekend.
top her burger — 6:14 PM
bro thought homosexuality was for one day only! he mad!

Lacirev — 8:07 PM
Im a cracked sym
chriss — 8:08 PM
virgin character
Lacirev — 8:10 PM
I get more bussy then you
this is the real world loser, the sym player gets the femboy 😎

rat 2 — 1:26 PM
do they sell chew toys for humans
like I dunno why but I was chewing on a piece of rubber the other day and now I just really need to chew on something
the 32nd gec — 1:29 PM
chewing gum
Margarine — 1:58 PM
You can't chew Gobstoppers
They will break you.
wagoogus jr — 2:02 PM
gobstopper got the hentai mind break tag
rat 2 — 2:48 PM
I can think of something else that can break me...

wagoogus jr — 4:02 PM
I'm gonna wear my nicest clothes
rat 2 — 4:06 PM
You need to be stripped naked.
wagoogus jr — 4:22 PM
But I'm literally neurodivergent and a minor
rat 2 — 4:22 PM
make up more words
wagoogus jr — 4:23 PM
is that enough
rat 2 — 4:23 PM

Margarine — 10:20 PM
James showing off all his cat pics today
rat 2 — 10:20 PM
Margarine — 10:20 PM
They're pretty pog ngl
wagoogus jr — 10:20 PM
Ok so Marcus when are you gonna show off ur p*ssy
Margarine — 10:21 PM
Too phat
Many gigabytes
wagoogus jr — 10:21 PM

Kat — 1:05 PM
keen to go back in time tonight
the 32nd gec — 1:15 PM
didn't know you could do that
try to use your powers for good
Kat — 1:29 PM
the 32nd gec — 1:35 PM
ok fine be an evil time wizard idc

goof𝘴𝘱𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 — 11:30 AM
I hate having spare pieces in my legos
Margarine — 11:31 AM
every piece has a place
evil topherburger — 11:41 AM
in a toddler's trachea

dom — 5:02 PM
dont tell me we can get drafted to the war
awesome — 5:06 PM
Brown skin ✅
Buff ✅
Filipino ✅
Solos in fortnite ✅
Yep, mods recruit this guy immediately
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