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Created by - Karithina
I was having trouble playing the game and also navigating the in-game information so I've made a Steam version of the information in case it helps anyone else :)
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Docking Station is 2 decades old this year, and the entire series has been around since the mid 90s (I started playing it myself in ~1998), yet somehow still has an active and passionate modding community. The game series was by far the most advanced artificial life simulation of its time, and I'd argue that it still is. The cut-through world they live in is unique, to me it reminds me a little bit of Jim Henson's works, a little bit Star Trek, Discworld, and a whole lot of its own charms. How rare for a game to nurture skills in nurturing, teaching, biology, IT, art, design, and countless other paths that those that played it have journeyed down.

For years it's been a challenge for new and old players to pick up the game on new operating systems, and this Steam release makes it so the game is playable right 'out of the box' for the first time in years. You'll still want to install some of the many amazing mods being added all the time (and enjoy the annual Creatures Community Spirit Festival that's currently running!), but if you just wanted to play the game as it is when you download it from Steam, you can do that too.
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Tango Foxtrot Sep 16, 2023 @ 6:49pm 
You're a fan of the Creatures franchise!? Add me as a friend, and I'll explain the lore of the Exodus Branch, in good time.
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