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ImageCode LLC. Jun 1 @ 11:03am or just tell your friends about the game :)
[ÞÓR] Bafga Jun 1 @ 5:09am 
Where can i show my support ?
ImageCode LLC. May 31 @ 7:17pm 
Hard to give any predictions for public release. Major Patreon investors will get first demos before winter, some of them have activated STE on Steam already.
R. Mosher May 31 @ 5:10pm 
any new word on when this game may come out?
Boll3mus Apr 25 @ 5:53pm 
Can't wait to this game come out! waiting since 2016!
JustTab Apr 24 @ 4:26pm 
the moment when i found out that there is hungarian culture in the game files.

public static native int kismajomCheck( String[] kismajomArray );

Loved it.