doubt is your greatest foe
lil abdush
i found love

[Verse 1]
Her eyes are so bright
One look and my heart may slip
Just having her in my sight
Is enough to make my body drip

[Verse 2]
The way she said "Hello"
I thought I went to heaven and back
I don't need no pillow
When I have her lap
If it wasn't for her, my life was all white and black

[Verse 3]
I thought I lost all hope
But now I found love
Oh my god why'd she be so cute?
Guess my suffering's have paid their price

[Verse 4]
It's like my body stop it's act
Whenever she's around me
She's all I can hear and see
Feels like I'll collapse in my knee

I'm sorry the old sad me
I know you were content with what you had
But this boy already forgot who he was
Now in her embrace he found a cause
A cause to stay alive
'Cuz suicide would make her cry

Pour down these feelings to a cup
There is no down anymore, you can only go up
But if it was to protect her smile
I'd dive down to the deepest abyss
That'd be such a bliss

[Verse 5]
I have changed
But I can't change what I've did
But it's okay she accepts me this way
I am her everything, she say
I'll try not to, but think I'll cry
In this solid ground now I lay
It's no biggie
As long as I have her by my side

I'm sorry the old emo me
I know happiness was not what you sought after
But you too have seen her pose
It made me completely froze
In her touch, it's comfort I seize
I wanted to die, it's so hard to believe

[Verse 6]
This love I refound
Tell me how this song sound
I know it's not my type
But it was my heart that experienced such a wipe

[Verse 7]
Now I can write this stanza
It's all thanks to her demands
She opened my eyes
Which were all covered by ice

I'm sorry the old crestfallen me
But it's so fast falling in love
Now she's my beloved
She stays all above
Makes my heart move

tribute to my eternal sunshine, Azra.
I love you so much.
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