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We get to my apartment, flustered and drunk. She tumbles into me, "Nice bump!" I say as we fall onto the couch. "Sorry!" she says. "No problem." She opens her purse and hands me a condom, "Great pass!" I say as I unwrap the protection. I slip it on diligently as she watches. "Wow!" she mutters as she sees the full girth of my erected penis. She touches it with one hand and exclaims "Holy cow!" She's never had an anaconda such as my own. I slip it in which forces her to scream "OMG!" Towards the end of the encounter I tell her I'm close, to which she replies "Take the shot!" I do, and she compliments me with "Nice Shot!" I feel accomplished, and a smirk appears on my face.
лол мен Jan 19 @ 7:07am 
прими го трейд
benjixx18 Jan 11 @ 12:41am 
this guy here no good
heep Oct 18, 2023 @ 3:43pm 
hi guys this i sconnor:TheSmiley: