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★ About Me

I'm a Community Moderator here on Steam, and have been since 2004. I've also helped create some useful Steam Guides for a greater understanding behind the functions of this community.

♺ Want to get in touch?

I'm a busy guy and don't have lots of free time, but you're welcome to leave a message and I'll get back to you if / when I have an answer.

⚠ Can you unban me from this game?

 ↳ ⛔ I can not help with the following ⛔
 ⚊ CS:GO bans / Overwatch bans / Matchmaking cooldowns
 ⚊ VAC bans
 ⚊ Trade bans
 ⚊ Limited Accounts / Account Locks

In order to get help with some of these things where applicable, you have to contact Steam Support . VAC bans are permanent and will not be removed.

⚒ Well then, what can you do Mr. Useless?

I can help with:

 ⚊ Community / Game Hub and Discussion problems
 ⚊ Reported posts not being resolved appropriately
 ⚊ Spamming attacks
 ⚊ Scam URL's
 ⚊ Problematic users within the community

Those are the things I can most likely help you with if reporting doesn't result in a fast enough response. You should report first, if it's not an immediate threat to the safety of others.

Also, yes, that's me driving that :balloonicorn: around, she needed a lift.
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Vault Hunter 101 5 minutes ago 
For some strange reason I havent saw any "STEAM LEGIT GIVEAEAY CUZ SUMMER SALEE!!! GO TO THIS WEBSITE {LINK REMOVED} AND GET FREE 5000$$$ GIFTCARD!!! OMG VERY LEGT" topics.. can it be that the scammers gave up and didn't made any wannabe-steam dot com website this year? :O
аdvicebanana 1 hour ago 
scam shit:

scam site link (obfuscated): {LINK REMOVED}
iansale 2 hours ago 
Oh boy, too furry for me.
pivotman319 2 hours ago 
In the meantime, while you're managing your Salien, take a look at these two cosmetics:

cSg|mc-Hotsauce 3 hours ago 
Have you had a kitty pic yet?
iansale 3 hours ago 
I've been in beta for a while :2018salienpsychic: