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About Me – And Helping You
I'm a Community Moderator here on Steam, and have been since 2004. I've also created some essential Steam guides to help better understand the way this community works.

Want to get in touch?
I'm a busy guy and don't have lots of free time between moderating and other stuff, but you're welcome to leave a message and I'll get back to you if / when I have an answer. FYI - I can't help with any game bans, purchasing problems, or issues relating to the status of your Steam account. You have to contact Support for that.

Can you unban me from this game?
Nope! Sorry, I can't help with any game bans. This means CS:GO, Matchmaking cooldowns, Overwatch bans, VAC Bans, Trade bans, Account locks, etc. In order to get help with some of these things where applicable, you have to contact Steam Support , VAC bans are permanent and will not be removed.

Well then, what CAN you do Mr. Useless?
I can help with Community / Game Hub and Discussion related problems. Reported posts not getting dealt with appropriately? Spamming attacks? Scam URL's? Problematic users within the community? Developer gone rogue? These are things I can most likely help you with, if reporting doesn't result in a fast response.
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(alright this should get people off the streets)
say the word "Banned" and you get 100$
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I'd just like to randomly thank you for being so helpful around the community, Ian