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Valve Employees / Steam Moderators will never contact you regarding items or your account from your profile or chat. If someone claims to be a Moderator or Valve/Steam employee, it is a scam and you should block and report them via their profile. The only official methods of communication are through Steam Support or possibly a Community Moderation Message
Maiq Aug 10 @ 8:21am 
MonkehMaster Aug 9 @ 8:04pm 
dont remember off hand if trade bots are allowed, but i found 2 groups loaded with bots, which i reported but ill leave a link here in case the reports go unnoticed or ignored.


seems the groups and bots are focused around team fortress, but i do see other odd named bot accounts.
ネックス - Nekkusu Aug 8 @ 4:05pm 
Spam Dood: STEAM_0:0:536151230

Sending a fake Steamsite: {LINK REMOVED}
Hippocrite Aug 6 @ 1:50pm