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Backlog is empty and i'd prefer to keep it that way. :CapSta_Pow:
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Fueled up and replenished ammo. Improved survivability. Time to take it to a another tour and hope it holds together.
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Anbernic devices RG351P and RG300
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So my Steam badge Says 14 years of service, and the secondary account 17 years.

That is a lot of time. :lunchtime:

During this time i have always had games in my backlog just waiting to be found or waiting a moment when i have enough bandwidth in my brain to try it out. And now suddenly in 9/2023 i realized i have finally exhausted it all. I have been cross-examining my 2k strong library for years and years with steam tools and the wonderful tool. Just open up your steam profile enough for reading and you are ready to go. Type in your steam name/login and it takes care of the rest. You can even bookmark specific settings in a URL bookmark. Highly recommend it to people even today as it has the 'cool grid' function and really and i mean REALLY detailed filtering options that are just perfect when you notice you would want to add specific genre, sub-genre game to your rotation. This is the tool to find it. Much better than Steam own tools even though that one has improved leaps and bound from what it was. (Favorites function is still a good one, i add here games to look at deeper)

Well what can i say.... I have been very entertained by lifting up old stuff and it shows. I don't really have much new stuff. And the few new items i have i have gotten as gifts from some very generous individuals

But it speaks volumes to me about how much good stuff people are missing in their libraries so if you are a bundle buyer put some thought into your library. You won't regret it! i have found a lot of of games there that i overlooked and now later noted that i should have dug deeper into them. Meanwhile if something is obsolete/garbage it will show it's cards quickly anyway. :LitBrazier:

Case you are wondering: let's define one thing about having 'empty backlog'. It does not mean i have completed 100% the stuff or even tried 100% of the games. Oh no, far from it... my completion rate is stuck at 38-39% that i understand is based on achievements (?) and that number is probably going to be around until i depart from this world. There are games that i have on my lists that i have not started, but at this time i won't be even trying them as they simply are games i do not care for at all. They are old, broken or genres that i just don't want to play even for testing purposes. These games just don't register for me at all anymore. It is over. They had their chance to climb up from the backlog but now i wont be touching them. Ever. And i bet many of you also have games like this just waiting there reminding you with their existence that 'please please! Try me!' But why bother? So many asset flips, eastern-european hardcore games, zombie stuff, dead Early Access titles etc that you just don't care about..Games that probably were not very playable even back then when they were new and young. Now games old and forgotten, store pages gone and you are supposed to try 100% everything? Nonsense! No the real aim for me has been to find the hidden gems and toss the duds and boy has there been many duds and dookies. As time passes you sometimes forget that Steam really is a fscking GRAVEYARD of Early Access titles and other failures that has not had any updates like since '2013' or they are buried under a 'VERY NEGATIVE' score that you know...tend to be well deserved. Heh. Reminds me of time back 10 years ago when i tried to find games that didn't deserve those extreme negative scores but those days seem to be over as well, rare are the times these days when you go completely against the community scoring. The masses just know.

Well anyways. That process is now done. And i have no intentions of restarting this process on Steam again (Handheld retro gaming might be a different beast, also Retroarch on Steam got potential to hook me up badly with old stuff)

Well enough talk. Have a :cleancake: - I ain't telling no lies here.

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Impressive. What else can i say.

So... are you part of this small minority of people who want to have good offline matches against bots 'WHEN you like it, AS you like it, WITHOUT having to deal with the hassle of keeping up with multiplayer communities (and deal with the inevitable death of said communities that always come)' ? Read on.

Or do you get offended by anyone even mentioning this travesty and you consider multiplayer against humans 'the only way'. Don't bother going on...

Right, so once we have that off our chest lets dig deeper: Who is this game aimed for? There is a huge glut of WW2 games out there, This one is made by one guy, a real indie game but topic is something that has been done SO many times before.

Well it's the bots you see, and customization options and workshop extending that make the game. And quite impressive bots they are. Again 'human only' proponents will sneer and find issues right away but in my eyes i have not seen this good bots in a long time if ever. Bots in this game use smoke to blind defender on assault maps, use alternate routes and try to act as group to outflank you. They call artillery on your position to blow up that house you are camping in so that you fall through the floor, grenade you when they get close and come up with all kinds of nastiness when you pop up your badly gunfire suppressed head trying to shoot back at them. The feeling of despair is there when things get tight. Quite a feat in my opinion considering it's bots you are fighting.

Day of Defeat games with their simple bots, Battlefield 1942, Vietnam and as game as old as Battlefield 2 left a real gap in my library no game has really been there to fill since then: A game that you can fire up when you want and have a quick custom or workshop modded match against bots. Now here is one that will fill the WW2 niche nicely for quite some time. Not bad for a small indie developer.
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Nax_o Jan 2 @ 12:09am 
Happy new year! May the games you play in 2024 be good
baily Jan 1 @ 9:00pm 
Happy New Year!!!
Clee Sep 28, 2023 @ 8:11am 
If you want many achievements, try those achievement games. They're easy to find. Mostly the name of 'em starts with achievement. :)
Nax_o Sep 28, 2023 @ 5:40am 
I still have no idea how you pull it off. I try my best to get the achievements but some are just a bridge too far.
Clee Sep 28, 2023 @ 2:56am 
It's hard work:RainbowPoop::RainbowPoop:
FF_Valentin May 26, 2023 @ 5:44am 

I came accross your profil while reading a review you wrote.
I've just released a Roguelite SHMUP game with retro arcade vibes. I think you might like it and I'm willing to gift you a Steam key so you can review it and give us your personal opinion.

Steam page :

Is this something you'd be interested in?

If so, I've just added you to my friend list, let's keep talking in Direct Message.


Valentin from FLOWERFIELD Games