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Its hard running a server that has 23k users and over 350 unique players every day. Please understand I can't solve everything so if I don't respond, please post a thread on the https://ggs.sx .


My name is Julian Anderson, I live in Newcastle, Australia.
I run a website called https://ggs.sx ,which hosts a server on Garrys Mod.
If you've heard of SantosRP, its probably because you've played my server.



Workshop Showcase
[h1] If you are already subscribed, and are missing textures after the update, subscribe to the map content! [/h1]

[h1] Welcome to Newexton, the only Australian themed role-play on the workshop [/h1]
Redesigned from the ground up, with new
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Created by - Vawяiss ✔ and Heavy Bob
Rowdy 11 hours ago 
hey can i please talk to you
Mr howe Dec 16 @ 4:25am 
hey, im just adding you regarding the santosrp gamemode as i need someone from a veteran background to give me a bit of information regarding this as i fear i may have royally been ♥♥♥♥ed over
Ski ✔ Dec 16 @ 3:47am 
TOS was not breached.
[TSOC] Penguin Dec 14 @ 11:16pm 
Need to talk about possible development of GGS
Dexter Dec 13 @ 9:36pm 
Hey Bob, just going to send you a request as id like to talk to you about the map you helped create. As i am working on a project and you may be able to offer me some advice thanks.
aayden7 Dec 13 @ 7:03pm 
Nearly 10 years of service