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My name is Heavy Bob.
I run a website called https://ggs.sx ,which hosts a server on Garrys Mod.
If you've heard of SantosRP, its probably because you've played my server.



Workshop Showcase
[h1] If you are already subscribed, and are missing textures after the update, subscribe to the map content! [/h1]

[h1] Welcome to Newexton, the only Australian themed role-play on the workshop [/h1]
Redesigned from the ground up, with new
3,408 ratings
Created by - Vawяiss and Heavy Bob
Rarest Achievement Showcase
[MG] Eriksun Sep 22 @ 11:17am 
Hi, I want to add you as a friend because I want to ask you for the VMF of Newexton2 as I would like to edit it a bit for a server.
it is rahmeed here how r u sir , i am wanting to swap all your graffiti off counter strike 2 for knife , u have been chosen by sankrita family (great honor)
Monkey Elvis Sep 2 @ 6:11am 
Is it possible to get the VMF for Dunwood. Gonna be honest the current map looks silly with the brightness
Hazmatt Aug 9 @ 9:40pm 
New acc, Alpha Tactics got banned x
comedysauce903 Aug 3 @ 9:40am 
Is it possible to have the VMF please? (:
( my discord: OTO#1995 )
ZenKo Jul 20 @ 6:54pm 
Regarding rp_newexton2