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Posted: Oct 20, 2021 @ 11:38am

Multiple VERY GOOD THINGS all together in one game. Rare. Each by themselves would be great: Clever locomotion with your own body (without running out of space), vast and beautiful scenery (at heights that give the tummy butterflies), great whip action, gentle and not-intrusive (but not absent!) guidance (in the form of where the gems are gone you know you've been AND a bird to follow AND clues on walls AND messages from the bird you unlock), clever puzzles in a friendly order (harder ones after you have had fun, and want more!), and even a roller-coaster type movement which you direct yourself -- but you have to earn it! And the roller-coaster isn't just some passive easter egg at the end ... it is useful/necessary to get to all the territory you've uncovered without "crawling along," and to get to new territory not otherwise accessible. Seriously, if Steven Spielberg or George Lucas made VR games instead of movies ... this is the VR game they would come up with. It works at so many levels. Great atmosphere music as well.

I love this subtle touch: Kids and/or thrill-seekers can smash the pottery and get gems ... but folks who don't like the feeling of "busting up the place" (esp. a Temple that could be a museum) can "nudge" the pottery without breaking it, and still get the gems, and are able to know when there are no more gems in the pot. There is a freedom of movement here, and almost built in necessity to go back to collect what you missed the first time ... which just makes hanging out in this game all the more fun.

Those that want a "rush" can see how fast they can propel themselves.
Those that want a "tour" can take things (especially the transitions between creepstones) one step at a time ... except where there are time challenges, which are few, and for me welcome.

I would easily pay $60 for this game, having played it (and ... still not done after 4+ hours). I would gladly pay 3X what I did pay, and more. Clearly the work has been put into it. It is carefully and masterfully and playfully crafted.
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