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r Apr 9 @ 10:32pm 
hey it geg
76561199015969969 Oct 1, 2023 @ 4:03am 
accept me please :)
r Mar 30, 2023 @ 8:40pm 
awesome dudewearing a hat
"He's 1 shot" Apr 12, 2022 @ 4:39pm 
This person was probably physically and mentally abused at school as a child hence their abnormal amount of hours put into games on steam, you can tell already by their profile picture that they have very little to no friends in real life, and spends their days forming fake connections with their internet friends who all realize just how much of a beta little B itch they are.
Nevertheless, I pity this person because the path that they are on now is one of extreme isolation and loneliness. I would also not be surprised if they suffer from the "nice person syndrome" that is to say, They are left wondering why no egirl\boy they try to swoon will send them suggestive messages and/or the nudes they so desperately desire. I wish you the best of luck in finding a partner, but also feel sorry for the partner that'll undoubtebly be even more mentally unstable than you to be stupid enough to fall for you. +rep
Bat Nov 1, 2021 @ 5:40pm 
nice dualies lol
Cru0 Sep 28, 2020 @ 8:59pm 
Very impressive speed runner, sorry pillow I was only kidding. nice meeting you guys.