Eric Olson   Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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"I'm filled with wanderlust
my dreams are running circles
I want to wake up smiling
Confide in me

I'm your heart, after all
Trust me to be true
I am a logic seeking group of electrons

Confide in me
I'm filled with wanderlust


I want to wake up smiling

That is right, Now spell
You are someone warm
Beauty, terror, sugar, danger" - WANDERLUST - The Quick Brown Fox

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Obligatory quote:
With a hammy expression and trademark Steele smirk, you lean down to the coy woman and set suave to eleven.
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I make things:
• Throne Ridge
• TTT_Canvas
• HL2:EM
• Hometown 2011
• Flowmaps for Source

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nope May 28, 2018 @ 1:26am 
Was wondering how you set sv_demo_entity_record_rate in multiplayer in l4d2. This is in reference to the srcdemo2 thread on facepunch, which was many years ago.
Trotim May 18, 2018 @ 3:55am 
heyy I'm helping out on a TF2 mod. was wondering if any of your physics improvements could be applied to TF2? (I'd check your facepunch thread but... their captcha is broken... can't register)
Solid Snake Apr 27, 2018 @ 3:49pm 
This is old, but do you happen to have the code for fixing "Sticky physics" in GMOD?
Jäger0767 Dec 5, 2017 @ 9:53pm 
Tiki's friend. Want to do Arma in the future, and talk about modeling.
Verdict | Dec 10, 2016 @ 2:07pm 
Hey buddy, i'm interested in doing business with you!
Aperte May 14, 2016 @ 12:12pm 
Hey, it's Scarlette's friend. Add me up. Wanna talk to you about something we're working on.