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Personal Achievements

Welcome to Muse Dash

Complete the tutorial stage
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 5:59pm

The First Time

Clear a stage
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 6:51pm

The Strongest among the Weak

Clear 20 stages
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 9:54pm


Achieve grade "S" in a stage
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 6:51pm

Full Combo!!

Get Full Combo in a stage
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 6:51pm

300 Combo!

Reach 300 Combo in a stage
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 10:47pm

You Have a Great

Clear a stage with only one "Great"
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 9:52pm

Accurate Positioning

Select a song through Music Index, Difficulty Filter or Search and play it
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 7:45pm

Blue Notes Hunter

Totally collect 500 Notes
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 11:28pm

Playing along Both Lines

Totally knock back 100 enemies or BOSS's remote attacks while playing a Sheet (hold note)
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 10:41pm

Is the Order a Lovely Girl? ~ I started from scratch and did everything I could to become a Muse master with 14 lovely girls. However, when I looked forward to a happy life in this exotic world, I was suddenly thrown into a "scene of carnage" of gears and hanging hammers. There must be something wrong with my Lovely Girl Monogatari~ For these girls’ bright future, I must successfully play Lv.12 songs!

Totally unlock 14 characters
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 6:47pm

Musemon Master

Totally collect 8 elfins
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 6:47pm

Inner World

Play any hidden sheet
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 11:23pm

Tower of Strength

Clear 20 Hard Mode stages
4 / 20

You’ve Conquered It!

Clear 10 Master Mode stages
3 / 10


Achieve grade "S" in a Lv.7 or Lv.7+ stage

Full Combo Master

Get Full Combo in 30 different stages
25 / 30

Melee Fight

Totally knock back 100 BOSS's melee attacks

Walk on the Tip of a Blade

Clear a song with Little Devil Marija

Stream of Consciousness

Totally knock back 300 Ghosts
38 / 300

Love Actually

Totally collect 300 Red Hearts
111 / 300

Illustration Collection

Totally collect 20 illustrations
4 / 20

Have a Try?

Play a Lv.11 stage


Clear a Mopemope stage at any difficulty level

Uh-oh, a Rear-end Collision…

Clear a Blackest Luxury Car stage at any difficulty level

APP Logo Found!

Clear a Lights of Muse stage at any difficulty level

I don't care about Christmas though

Clear a stage of I don’t care about Christmas though at any difficulty level

Trick or treat?

Clear an umpopoff stage at difficulty level "?"

Conquering the Newbie Zone

Finish the tutorial April Fool's Day ver

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