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About Me: I love playing video games and I enjoy the art of video games. That is why I post lots of artwork and post videos to YouTube and link some of those to my Steam. I try to be a straight and narrow person by not cheating and by being respectful to others. I am a responsible person and gamer.

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My PC Specs & My Steam Achievements for Beating Games
My PC specs:
Case: Corsair 600T
CPU: Intel Core i7-5820 Haswell-E 3.3 GHz LGA
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB RAM DDR SDRAM
Video Card: EVGA Nvidia GTX 980Ti
Motherboard: ASUS X99 Sabertooth The Ultimate Force
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Z PCIe 116dB SNR Gaming
Power Supply: Corsair HXi 1000i-1000 Watts
Display: ASUS VG 278, 27", refresh rate 60Hz, max resolution 1920x1080
Storage: Samsung 850 EVO Mz-75E 2TB SSD
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 120mm PWM fan
Hard Drive: Western Digital 2 TB

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My Steam Achievements for Beating Games:
:goodjob:The Steam achievements are next to the asterisk (*). The game title is to the right of the arrow.:goodjob:

* Serious Sam → Serious Sam 3: BFE :coolsam:
* Getting Serious → Serious Sam Double D XXL
* Stone Cold Pinkerton → Bioshock Infinite :shockjockey:
* The D Project → Deus Ex: Human Revolution
* Factory Zero → Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link
* Let's Rock → Duke Nukem Forever
* Special Thanks → Duke Nukem Forever
* Detective Chief Inspector → Her Story :database:
* This Is It → Hotline Miami :Owl:
* Top Agent → Just Cause 2
* Too Close To The Son → Saints Row: The Third :pandastunned:
* Gangstas... In Space → Saints Row: The Third :profgenki:
* Imperator → Saints Row IV :sr4fleurdelis:
* Deus Ex Machina → Deus Ex: Human Revolution
* Banoi Redemption → Dead Island :displash:
* Cool Story Bro → Borderlands 2 :bandit:
* Keeps getting better and better → DmC: Devil May Cry :virility:
* The Chosen One → Marlow Briggs
* Serious Payne → Max Payne 3
* Lunacy → Portal 2 :p2wheatley:
* Shadow Warrior (Tier 3) → Shadow Warrior :hoji_smile:
* Class-A Ninja → Strider :pilotoption:
* A Heart of Steel → Resident Evil 4/Biohazard 4 :LeonRE4:
* Over Easy → Rise of the Triad :Gib:
* Über hero → Wolfenstein: The New Order
* Chief Inspector → Sleeping Dogs :Hands:
* A Survivor Is Born → Tomb Raider :Animal_Instincts:
* Defense of the Armament → Half-Life 2: Episode Two
* Shamus To The Stars → L.A. Noire
* Eternal Champion → Luxor Evolved
* A Personal Champion → Hitman: Absolution
* Heartbreaker → Portal
* Sanitary Supremacy → Visceral Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior
* Crushing Conclusion → Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
* Red Hot Heart → Crookz - The Big Heist :objective:
* Saved The World → Crookz - The Big Heist :maneki:
* Satan Punchers → Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell :GATsatan:
* Zombie Driver → Zombie Driver HD :nuke:
* Defense of the Armament → Half-Life 2: Episode Two
* Escape From City 17 → Half-Life 2 : Episode One
* Chilled → Spooky Bonus :spookypumpkin:
* Thrilled → Spooky Bonus :spookypumpkin:
* Thunderbolt of Zeus → Apotheon :Corinthian: :Wreath:
* Apotheosis → Apotheon :AresHelm:
* Olympian → Apotheon :Xiphos:
* Persistent Gamer → Zup! :Blue_Box:
* Kill Jack → Asteroid Bounty Hunter :goodjob:
*Complete 12 Levels → Pain Train :MessySolution:
*Tornado Wrangler → Alan Wake :Eye_tv:
*Departure → Alan Wake :Page:
*Hardboiled Writer → Alan Wake :Eye_tv:
*Alan, Wake Up → Alan Wake :OGOA:
*Run-On Sentence → Alan Wake The Signal DLC :Eye_tv:
*No Punctuation → Alan Wake The Writer DLC :OGOA:
*Superior Completion Skillz → Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
*©! → Zup! 2 :p_heart:
*Boom! → Zup! 2 :g_heart:
*And it's all? → Zup! 2 :b_ball:
*Resolution → Dishonored
*Dunwall in Chaos → Dishonored
*Just Dark Enough → Dishonored
*Mostly Flesh and Steel → Dishonored
*®! → Zup! Zero :_B_:
*Winner! → Zup! Zero :_C_:
*No Regrets →Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall DLC
*Redemptive Path → Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall DLC
*Whisper Ways → Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall DLC
*Cleaner Hands → Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall DLC
*Changed Ways → Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC
*Silence Is Golden → Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC
*Cleanest Hands → Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC
*Enough Coin To Disappear → Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC
*Colossus: The Methuselah Project → Headlander :head2:
*Say No to Methuselah → Headlander :knighthead:
*Head Master → Headlander :K9unit:
*Something weird is going on! → Death's Hangover:dhx:
*I had a disagreement with death! → Death's Hangover :dhbob:
*Script Kiddie → Remember Me :Remember:
*Errorist Agent → Remember Me :me:
*MemHunter Elite → Remember Me :orangecube:
*Super Death of Super Computer → Bye-Bye, Wacky Planet :alanhead:
*Downward Spiral Reawakening → Mad Max :MMScrotus:
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When I began to play Dishonored I asked myself why I overlooked this game back in 2012. How could I have waited four years to add this game to my Steam library? I can describe Dishonored in one word: immersive. This game absorbed me into its gameplay from its prologue to the very end. Many games have a strict, linear path that you must follow to complete your objectives. Dishonored is totally nonlinear, as it allows you to play the way you want to play by choosing your playstyle. It is much like the Deus Ex and Bioshock series.

Dishonored is a game in which an Empress’ bodyguard is framed for her murder. You play Corvo Attano, the first bodyguard of the Empress born in a foreign country. The game is set in Dunwall, the capital of the island of Gristol. Dunwall is a port city that has profited from the sale of whale oil, but has been under siege by a rat plague. It feels like London, England in the late 19th or early 20th century during the industrial revolution. There is political corruption, gangs making power grabbing moves, and Corvo trying to vindicate himself and avenge the Empress’ death.

You can choose to play the game in High Chaos, meaning that you can kill all enemy guards like a mass murderer. You can also choose to play in Low Chaos, which means that you can stealthily move your way toward completing your objectives without killing anyone or being detected. Killing your way to the end of the game has consequences on how the game will progress and how the game will end. More kills mean more rats on the streets and more alert guards. It even affects how the Empress’ daughter draws on her pad in the pub designated as the home base for Corvo and his conspirators.

Each of the nine missions is unique and never boring. Some of the locales include a prison, a palace, a high-class brothel, and a flooded district filled with slums. There are many hidden alleys and secret areas that can be useful to avoid enemy guard detection or to find items like bone charms, coins, and runes. You can also hide to listen to conversations about what is going on and what plans are being made by some characters. Runes are the currency used to purchase supernatural powers, both active and passive.

Corvo’s arsenal includes traditional weapons and supernatural powers. Traditional weapons include a sword and a variety of ammo that you can use according to your playstyle. You can shoot bolts with your crossbow to kill if you decide to play in High Chaos. You can shoot sleep darts to render enemies unconscious if you want to go through the game without killing anyone. Supernatural powers are magical powers powered by your mana and can be upgraded to level 2 and include Blink, Dark Vision, Bend Time, etc. Blink is the most basic power that allows you to move in the blink of an eye to reach otherwise inaccessible areas that are above or below you. One very interesting power is Possession, a power that allows you to take possession of a rat and move through tunnels humans cannot move through. When upgraded to level 2 you can take possession of humans for a short period of time. I remember taking possession of a guard so that I can move to another room without being detected. Bone charms are perks scattered in each mission that enhances your abilities, including the ability to choke someone faster, the ability swing your sword faster, and the ability to increase your max health.

As you progress through the game, there are new factions introduced to the story. The new factions introduced can lead to numerous side quests. Like the main quests, you can choose to neutralize a target by lethal or nonlethal means. The more time I spent playing the game, the more I enjoyed it because the game truly encourages exploration and experimentation. The save system allows you to save anywhere, so you can create multiple save files to see which gameplay you prefer in certain scenarios.

The artistic design is awesome and contributes to the immersive nature of the game. The locales feel very real and aesthetically look like an oil painting in motion, whether you are on urban streets, industrial warehouses, fortresses or regal palaces. The character models are excellent also.

The AI of the enemies is very good, as enemies will enter search mode when they see a dead or unconscious body. It is fun to use Corvo’s pickpocketing ability to steal pouches from unsuspecting guards while crouching behind them. Stealth can be enhanced by finding a blueprint that makes Corvo’s boots very silent while moving in stealth mode.

I played and completed Dishonored three times and I played like a mass murderer the first time. My second playthrough was pure stealth and managed not to kill one person and was not detected once. My third playthrough was Low Chaos, like my second playthrough, but I killed a few people. The purpose of my third playthrough was to play without using any supernatural powers except Blink. I think this game encourages players to experience the game multiple times to find alternative paths or to take on challenges they did not take on in a previous playthrough. The mouse/keyboard control scheme worked great for me as I climbed ledges, blinked from the ground to nearby rooftops or balconies, and neutralized unsuspecting targets from behind.

My only criticism of this game is Corvo Attano’s lack of personality. Much like Gordon Freeman of Half-Life, Corvo never says anything throughout the game. I wish Corvo could say something in the game to inject some personality into himself. Of course, it does not ruin the overall experience by any means.

My experience with Dishonored is one of the best I have ever had in my life. It is a genuine classic game that I strongly recommend to anyone, regardless of the video game genre they prefer. The vast number of ways to play each mission makes for high replay value. If you have not played this game, you are missing out on a classic.

My Score: 9.5/10
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