smile.jpg Apr 20 @ 7:08am 
ForsakenRevenge Mar 6 @ 3:52pm 
Adding to ask some questions i have concerning SLR aswell as engine setups
Smally Feb 26 @ 11:24am 
can you add me i have question about sslr crashing
therealmot3600 Feb 25 @ 11:09am 
nvm i did it myself
Fluffaim.lol fl8tio ✌ Feb 23 @ 6:28pm 
I have a g10a:steamhappy:
Fluffaim.lol fl8tio ✌ Feb 23 @ 6:28pm 
dude, your username is so deep yo, at first right, like i didnt get it, like whats this g-whatever whatever, but now, now that I drive a geo metro, i know exactly what a g13 is, bro has the big block