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FragZone Steam Level up Bot
Chat Comands

!buy [amount of keys] : In order to buy sets for an X amount of keys.

!level [desired level] : Calculates how many sets and keys it takes to reach a certain level (doesn't go above 1000).

!check : Checks how many sets you can buy.

!check [amount of keys] : This command checks how many sets you can get by the amount.

Selling Cards to Me

Selling cards is only available for registered user, please contact my Owner . If you want to sell the cards.

!sell [amount of keys] : In order to sell sets for an X amount of keys.

!verifysell : This command checks how many sets you can sell.


♦ Can I craft badge for games I do not own ?

♦ Will I receive sets that I already crafted ?
No, the bot will check your badges and only trade you sets that you never crafted.
However, you may use the !buyany command to buy sets that have been crafted.

♦ Why i cant trade with bots ?
Make sure your profile is not private and no trade hold on it.

List of Keys That Acceptable

■ Chroma 2 Case Key
■ Huntsman Case Key
■ Chroma Case Key
■ eSports Key
■ Winter Offensive Case Key
■ Revolver Case Key
■ Operation Vanguard Case Key
■ Shadow Case Key
■ Operation Wildfire Case Key
■ Falchion Case Key
■ Operation Breakout Case Key
■ Chroma 3 Case Key
■ Operation Phoenix Case Key
■ Gamma Case Key
■ Gamma 2 Case Key
■ Glove Case Key
■ Spectrum Case Key
■ Operation Hydra Case Key
■ Spectrum 2 Case Key
■ Clutch Case Key
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