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Posted: Oct 16, 2021 @ 4:43pm

Eye of the Temple is a very smart game, and a game done with a lot of craft and love for the medium. It captures perfectly the whole Indiana Jones vibe, with the exploration of exotic ruins and avoiding traps and uncovering treasures and relics.

The main system is tied to the requirement to have a 2x2m playing area. The space, which you can see in the welcome screen, is divided into a grid of tiles, which is what you'll be walking from and carefully balancing on. But the levels are designed in such way that you'll advance ona bigger map just by stepping in the right moving platform, or walking backwards a few steps while on the rolling cylinders. So without knowing you'll be physically relocating back and you'll never run out of space even when you're walking normally.

The whip and torch are really fun to use and as the other visual elements in the game they're very well done. The environments are colorful and pleasant, it's a fun place to begin with.

I recommend this game both to newcomers to VR and to longtime fans because this is a pretty unique experience to play.

There's also a nice community and the dev is always eager to inform the userbase of new developments, which is something we should appreciate.

Last but not least, the dev was so awesome to make this game support LIV for mixed reality recording, and it makes sense because it's a match made in heaven, it's the perfect way to show this very physical game which is great to look at from the outside. The unique gameplay really shines.

So I'd say, in 2021 whatever headset you have, this is a must play. Put your furniture against the walls to make place, center properly the play space, and onward to adventure!
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