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Iv   Sofiya, Bulgaria
"It gets easier."
-- The jogging baboon, 2015
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Right, Sarah Lynn?
Hello, my name is Iv!
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Age: 26                                                                                 • Web: https://itodorova.dev
Gender: F                                                                              • Discord: FakeHeal#5381 [discord.gg]
Occupation: Programmer                                                     • BattleNet: FakeHeal#2480
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5.4 Hours played
50 Years offers 5 different difficulty levels: Very easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard to get you started. You can lower difficulty if you are having trouble with managing resources as a Russian or increase difficulty to make things more challenging.

The game includes nations, with specific abilities, which require change in your play style to survive the fifty years in order to beta the game. Combinations of nation/units/beliefs increase 50 Years replay value.

There are many achievements that can keep you entertained for quite some time.

Also, in my humble opinion, the game's price is justified, but you can almost always get a hold of a discount coupon code.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this game!
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Beware of the ancient power of queen Aknaviya who rules here.

This dungeon includes 6 dens: The Stronghold of the Ancients, The den of the cook, The Pool of Peace, The Palace of the Light, The Palace of the Light, The Sanctum of the Sadness, The Dark Th
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+rep :cozyhoi4eagle:
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it's nice to play with her. :cupup:
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fu..cking bot dont play csgo
245 Nov 17, 2021 @ 8:00am 
нулевая тупорылая мышара ,как и ее 2 подружки
Paul Sep 28, 2021 @ 12:24pm 
Hey I found your steam through a mutual and I just wanted to say that I think we could get along real well :) I don't normally do things like this cause I'm a real gentleman :3, but do you want to maybe play a bit of cs sometime (omg I'm so embarrassed) >< I could go on my smurf so you don't have to put in that much effort, even though you're like the best and you'll probably be on top every round. When I see your name I just feel like we have this special connection that I can't describe in words, I think.. maybe we knew each other in a past life xDD like I can do the cooking and everything, you don't have to worry about that cuz I'm a real feminist, but I'll still take care of you <3 I know how to make a woman feel like a girl, but I won't do anything that freaks you out, just say one word and I'll stop so so fast! so maybe just consider me? I can't believe I'm writing this all out to you >< !! Even if you reject me it's all worth it just for you, my wuv <3 (plz don't reject me !!)